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Fully Licensed Clinical Social Worker Openings at Carolina Partners in Mental HealthCare, PLLC


Job description:
Carolina Partners in Mental HealthCare, PLLC is expanding our network of affiliated full-time, fully licensed clinical social workers in Raleigh, NC.

Carolina Partners offers experienced psychotherapists interested in the private practice model the unique opportunity to own their own business while providing billing, marketing, administrative support, and a steady stream of client referrals. Affiliated therapists have access to the benefits of the larger partnership model, but more autonomy as an independent therapist in our network. Carolina Partners provides full credentialing on all panels, rapid and effective billing and reimbursement, and client caseloads tailored to clinician competencies to all of our affiliated therapists.

Carolina Partners affiliated therapists are allowed the advantages of being their own boss and maintaining clinical control of their work with the support and security of being a part of a thriving practice.

We are only accepting applications from clinicians who are fully licensed in North Carolina at the Masters and Doctorate level with demonstrated prior clinical experience practicing as a psychotherapist. We are seeking candidates who want to work full time at a minimum commitment of 25 clinical hours a week.

Seasoned clinicians from the LGBTQ, QTPOC, and transgender/gender variant communities are encouraged to apply.

Psychotherapists with specialty practices and post-graduate clinical certifications are also encouraged to apply.

Apply Here:

Rosemary Van Dyke
Assistant to Psychotherapy Director
Pronouns: she/her

Office: 919.354.0850 ext. 167
Fax: 919.294.8590

Carolina Partners in Mental Health Care, PLLC
1502 W NC Hwy 54
Suite 103
Durham, NC 27707