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World Relief Durham Intern

This job listing has already closed.
Location: Durham
Position Type: Internship
Closing Date: December 15, 2020

Unpaid internships at World Relief Durham offer a front-row seat in the world of refugee resettlement, immigration law, and child and family services for immigrants. In our work, we hope to engage students, graduate students, recent graduates, or anyone who is passionate about serving the refugee and immigrant community. This unique opportunity will allow interns to gain global, local and professional experience, while also contributing to an organization focused on serving the most vulnerable in our community.

The following positions are available:
While we offer specialized internships within a department, applicants apply to a general department first, and discuss position fit and availability pending an interview. Interns are only considered for positions within one department at a time. If you do not receive an internship within the department of your choice, WRD might consider you for a position in another department, if it interests you.

Open Positions for Spring 2021

Refugee Resettlement Internships:
Case Management Intern
Refugee Health Intern
Mentorship Intern

Immigration Legal Services Center Internships:
Community Engagement Intern
Case Support Intern