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Social Worker IV/A/T

This job listing has already closed.
Location: Duplin
Position Type: Full-time
Closing Date: December 31, 2021

Primary Purpose of Position

The purpose of this position encompasses protective services that are legally mandated, non-voluntary services for families that encompass specialized services for maltreated children (abused, neglected, and or dependent) and those who are at imminent risk of harm due to the actions of, or lack of protection by, the child’s parent(s) or caregiver.

Description of Responsibilities and Duties

The employee’s foremost responsibility is to protect children and to ensure a safe environment. The employee receives reports of alleged neglect, abuse or dependency. These reports can be made in person, by phone, or by mail by anyone who suspects such is occurring. The duties also involve the receipt of intake reports and assessments of reports of neglect, abuse or dependency: assessment of a child’s situation to determine risk, ignition of court action when necessary to protect a child, and utilization of the services within the agency and community.

Intake (10% of work time)

During the intake process, the employee is careful to obtain as much information as possible relation to the family, resources available to the family, and concerns involving the family. The employee records the information on a standard intake form. The reports are screened by the employee and supervisor as the where there is sufficient information to constitute an assessment abased on the statutory definitions of abuse, neglect or dependency. Intake responsibilities

Assessment- (80% of work time)

During the assessment process the employee will initiate all reports within required timeframes. Assessments will include a face to face interview with all children residing in the home of the alleged incident or present for the alleged incident. Employees will also conduct face to face interviews with all other parties residing within the home as well as other caretakers of the alleged victim children, conducting home visits to the home where children reside as well as where the alleged incident occurred. Contacting other individuals relevant to the case or with additional knowledge of the child’s situation including obtaining medical, mental health and education records for children and adults when relevant to the assessment process. The employee will work with a team to make decisions weather there is sufficient information to determine if neglect, abuse or dependency exists. Developing safety assessments with families when necessary.

The employee will obtain and review previous Child Protective Services history as well as criminal background checks and other system checks when needed. Facilitating the removal and new placement of children when necessary. Initiating court action including testifying when needed to ensure child safety. Conducting Child and Family Team meeting with families, community supports and agency members. Developing initial case plans. Completing all necessary forms to thoroughly assess the family’s situation. Employees will provide services to clients in order to assist in eliminate subsequent maltreatment within the upcoming 12 months. Staffing with supervisor on case specific information. Maintain documentation on all encounters with the family. Maintain an account of daily activities completed through the day-sheet system.

Other Work Demands (10% of work time)

Employee will maintain a clean, comfortable working space that is easy to access by agency staff and the public involved with the Department. The worker may also encounter hostility form parents, hazardous weather conditions, unfriendly animals, unsafe dwellings, exposure to unsanitary conditions and disease, hazardous material and danger that might be encountered during travel to remote or known crime areas. The employee will also act as a community liaison by contacting and informing the public and other services providers, emergency during disasters, Christmas referrals and shelter duty. Employees with be required to complete pre-service training of 72 hours upon employment and continuing education training of 24 hours annually thereafter. The employee will be responsible for knowing and applying Federal and State Laws

Difficulty of Work

The employee’s caseload varies from month to month depending on the number of reports received. Protective Services are mandated by State Law with the Director of Social Services having the responsibility for ensuring child safety and delegating duties. Verbal and written guidelines are provided by social work supervisors. There are a number of Child Welfare Manuals. Employees must demonstrate knowledge of the principles of social work along with good social work practice. Maintain documentation current within 7 days of any task completed. Ensure day-sheets are completed on a daily basis.

Minimum Training and Experience Requirements

Master’s Degree from an accredited School of Social Work and one year of Social Work experience; or a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited school of Social Work and two years of Social Work or counseling experience; or Master’s Degree in counseling field and two years of Social Work or counseling experience; or a four-year degree in Human Services field or related curriculum and three years of Social Work or counseling experience; or graduation from a four- year college or university and four years of experience in Rehabilitation Counseling, Pastoral Counseling or a related Human Service field providing experience in the techniques of casework, group work or community organization; or an equivalent combination of training and experience.

Must have a valid North Carolina driver’s license. Must have access to the use of a motor vehicle for occasional travel to client homes and various destinations thorough out the county and stated. Must have valid car insurance. Must maintain a clean driving record.

For more information please contact:

Duplin County DSS
Angela Miller
910-296-2228 office
910-296-2200 agency line