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Program Manager – Violence Recovery, Duke Hospital

This job listing has already closed.
Location: Durham
Position Type: Full-time
Closing Date: October 4, 2021

Duke University Hospital Violence Recovery Program Manager

The Violence Recovery Program Manager position is charged with managing the Violence Recovery Program (VRP); a hospital-based violence intervention program that provides support to victims of violence and their families upon arrival at the Duke University Hospital (DUH) Trauma Center and engages victims of violence during admission and post-discharge to reduce risk of re-injury and promote a positive life trajectory.

The manager will be responsible for the direct management of VRP staff. The manager will be responsible for systems development, expansion, coordination, and management across all of DUH’s core patient/family-facing violence prevention, intervention, and recovery efforts. The manager will design, development and delivery of VRP training and continuing education for VRP employees. The manager will create and nurture external partnerships and relationships in service to the development of violence prevention, intervention, and recovery ecosystem. The manager will be responsible for the development, implementation of, and fidelity to VRP protocols, best practices, and work systems. The manager will prepare VRP reports for funders and DUH leadership, as requested. The manager will call, prepare, and lead internal and external VRP-related meetings. The manager will work to ensure data quality and the optimization of evaluation practices. The manager will lead the education of adjacent care teams and leadership regarding VRP purpose, scope, and functionality. The manager will contribute to academic publications and conference presentations. The manager will contribute to funding inquiries and applications. The manager will lead VRP candidate search, hiring, and onboarding. The manager will promote safety and well-being among VRP staff, developing a culture of trust and accountability within DUH and among VRP employees.