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Outpatient LCSW Duke Infectious Disease Clinic

This job listing has already closed.
Location: Durham
Position Type: Full-time
Closing Date: September 25, 2021

LCSW Clinical Social position at
Duke University Hospital Infectious Disease Outpatient Clinic
• Conduct extensive bio/psycho/social assessments for new and transfer patients with HIV entering care to 1K
• Provide mental health services for clinic patients
o Long- and short-term counseling/therapy (adjustment to dx, anxiety/depression, relationship issues, dx disclosure, trauma, substance use)
o Crisis intervention (pts with SI/acute MH issues/actively using substances)
o General understanding of Substance Use Disorders and process addictions
• Utilize integrated care model by acting as liaison/advocate between patient, medical & nursing teams, pharmacy, inpatient teams and outside providers
• Manage specific hospital and clinic resources for all clinic patients
• Work closely with clinic Resource Coordinators in providing referrals for patients
• Support PrEP Clinic (providing counseling, psycho-education, DUH financial assistance)
• Provide coverage for SW colleagues and infrequent coverage for division colleagues
• Serve on clinic and departmental committees
Candidate must be able to work:
• in a fast-paced clinical setting with ability to move quickly between tasks
• with a diverse patient population (race, gender, socio-economic, ethnicity)
• with an inter-disciplinary group of providers (medical, nursing, pharmacy)
• within an environment of strict confidentiality, understanding the additional patient concerns around HIV disclosure, shame, stigma, and acceptance
• providing excellent written documentation and verbal communication
A competitive candidate will possess one of more of these:
• Background in HIV services (clinical, community) with familiarity of HIV Care Continuum, HMAP, sexual health
• Therapeutic/counseling experience (1:1, group, couples)
• Training/certification in trauma (i.e., EMDR, DBT)
• Bilingual
• Substance use counseling/Motivational Interviewing
• Certification as a Tobacco Treatment Specialist

For more information, please send resume to