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Job Development Specialist

This job listing has already closed.
Location: Orange
Position Type: Full-time
Closing Date: September 9, 2021

Job description

LOCATION : Durham and Orange Counties, NC

SUPERVISED BY: Site Director


MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: 2-yr Associate degree or 4-yr Bachelor’s degree preferably in sales, business, marketing, human services or recruiting working directly with business/industry and assisting individuals in competitive employment needs. Experience in job readiness counseling and resume-writing preferred. Strong internet, Microsoft Word, Outlook experienced required. Prefer 3-4 years’ experience working directly w/ individuals w/ workforce development focus. SALES EXPERIENCE HIGHLY PREFERRED.

Job Development

Contact business and industry partners to develop and/or identify work and job opportunities for program participants. Obtain job orders and match business requirements w/ skill sets of program participants – adults with disabilities.
Assess referred employees prior to placement.
Maintain good communication and relationship with employer or supervisor at work site.
Advocate for employee on the work site.
Provide community resource and job readiness training for employees.
Assist in arrangement of transportation for employees; transport employees as needed.
Document time spent on all aspects of work adjustment and/or supported employment.
Maintain a safe work environment.
Community Relations

Develop and implement marketing techniques to provide the community w/ exposure to OE Enterprises and hiring persons w/ disabilities.
Provide information and education to parents, caregivers, business community, and other interested parties on competitive employment and persons with disabilities.
Agency Liaison

Develop and maintain a working relationship with Vocational Rehabilitation.
Become knowledgeable about the American’s Disability Act and provide information to the community.
Develop and maintain a network with other agencies in the area providing similar services.
Become knowledgeable about Social Security; maintain working relationship with Social Security Admin.
Participate in local Community Service and Job Fairs.

Able to work standing for an 8 hour shift.
Able to lift and carry a 50 lb. parcel across a large warehouse.
May require walking for periods throughout the day.
Able to work under varying climatic conditions, indoors or outdoors, in cold or heat.
Will require exposure to a large number of workplaces throughout the community for periods of time.
Primary environment: ambient room temps, lighting & traditional office equipment.
Base + Commission for successful outcomes. Sign-On bonus. Prefer applicant live in territory.

Please send cover letter and resume as soon as possible, preferably by 07/21/2021

OE is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $13.00 – $15.00 per hour

Submitter Email: