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Executive Director, Second Bloom of Chatham, Inc.

Location: Chatham
Position Type: Full-time
Closing Date: December 15, 2021

Second Bloom of Chatham, Inc. is an incorporated non-profit agency providing intimate partner violence and sexual assault services in Chatham County, NC. Second Bloom of Chatham was established in 2017 and took its name from the long-respected and thriving thrift store in the Chatham community, which benefited the community mission to support victims and survivors of intimate partner violence and sexual assault. Our intention was and continues to be sustaining both that mission and that funding source.

Since the agency’s incorporation, Second Bloom of Chatham, Inc. has collaborated with Chatham County to slowly, deliberately, and sustainably build a new non-profit agency to assist victims/survivors of intimate partner violence and sexual assault in the vacuum left by the closing of the previous service organization. Second Bloom of Chatham, Inc. provides services ranging from a 24-hour Helpline, in-person crisis support and assistance with completing and filing domestic violence protective orders, support groups with free childcare, Address Confidentiality Program application support and community education.

The mission of Second Bloom of Chatham, Inc. is to identify and raise awareness of the needs of those in Chatham County affected by any form of domestic and or/sexual violence and to work in collaboration with the community to meet those needs.

Second Bloom of Chatham, Inc. is proud to be recognized members of the North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCCADV) and North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Assault (NCCASA).

The Executive Director reports directly to the Board of Directors who actively manage several committees that support the work of the Executive Director and the organization.

Position Summary

The Executive Director is responsible for the successful management and leadership of the organization in accordance with the strategic plan developed by the Board of Directors. As the agency is still in the developmental stages, it is imperative that the Executive Director take the lead in organizational strategy to help the organization grow and evolve over time. Therefore, the individual filling this role should have a solid background and understanding of nonprofit leadership and management best practices, advocacy, and fundraising.

This position requires an individual who is highly organized, takes initiative, a team leader and player, innovative, resourceful, has strong planning and operational skills, adaptive and has excellent communication and public speaking skills. The individual who fills this position should be a problem-solver and have strong managerial skills to work with and support a team of individuals with varying backgrounds and personalities. The Executive Director must have a heart for survivors and victims of IPV/SA and be able to turn that passion into tangible and effective programs and services that are tailored to the needs of Chatham County residents.

Along with building relationships in the community, the Executive Director is also responsible for setting the tone and culture within the agency that will bring out the best in each staff member and promote a healthy and safe working environment for staff and volunteers.

The Executive Director will focus on many key areas, however among them should be the ability of the individual in this position to promote, support and view tasks to be completed through an equity lens to identify and eliminate barriers to service for those who are underserved or marginalized in our community.

Minimum Requirements

• Master’s Degree in Social Work (MSW) strongly preferred (or combination of equivalent experience and education)
• A minimum of 3 years paid and/or volunteer experience in the field of human services with experience in domestic and/or sexual violence
• Experience working or volunteering in a non-profit organization
Qualifications and Skills:
• Demonstrated commitment to our mission
• Understanding of the nature and dynamics of domestic and sexual violence and a trauma-informed response
• Ability to work in partnership with the Board of Directors
• Working knowledge of budgets and financial management
• Strong oral and written communication skills
• Experience working with diverse people and groups
• Strong organizational skills, including proven ability to develop and execute a project or work plan
• Resource development skills, including grant writing and fundraising
• Demonstrated effectiveness in working as both a leader and member of a team
• Ability to maintain personal balance while accomplishing multiple tasks that require a variety of skills
• Ability to maintain positive image for the agency in the community while working for social justice
• Ability to provide and receive supervision
• Self-direction

For more information please contact Second Bloom of Chatham, Inc. at 919-533-6864 or send an email with your resume to