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Executive Director

This job listing has already closed.
Location: Wake
Position Type: Full-time
Closing Date: March 26, 2021

Position Description: Executive Director
Applications will be accepted until March 26, 2021 or until position is filled

Executive Summary
InterAct seeks an innovative, adaptive, and visionary leader who has demonstrated the ability to establish trust and credibility in an organization. This individual should be forward-thinking with the ability to work with and support a team of dynamic individuals. The ideal candidate will have a heart for the victims and survivors of domestic and sexual violence along with the vision, leadership, and managerial skills to move the organization to new heights of service. Located in Wake County, NC (Raleigh), InterAct is a leader in providing innovative services through collaborating with other service providers along with the criminal justice system in bringing assistance to victims and survivors. InterAct’s next leader will build on that legacy while driving the mission and vison of the agency. The Executive Director will support a culture that brings out the best in each staff member and supports them in this very challenging work. The ideal candidate will have a solid background in nonprofit leadership/management best practices, advocacy, and fundraising.

About InterAct
InterAct has been at the forefront of providing services to victims and survivors of domestic and sexual violence and has a proven history of empowering victims and survivors to determine their own healthier futures free of violence. Founded in 1978 as Wake County Child Abuse Prevention Services, it merged with the Rape Crisis Center and Women’s Aid in 1981 and became InterAct. Last fiscal year alone it served 6,824 clients. InterAct is a catalyst for community change through its advocacy and education efforts and utilizes a whole-person approach by working directly with the courts, police, social services, and religious organizations.

InterAct has created a constellation of inter-connected programs including 24-hour crisis lines, emergency shelter, court advocacy services, individual and group counseling, community awareness, and YES – a specialized preventative education program for youth. In 2009, after a successful $5 million capital campaign, InterAct realized its vision of creating a highly effective model of one-stop, wrap-around services for Wake County’s twelve municipalities. With the opening of the Family Safety & Empowerment Center, anyone who has or is experiencing violence can access InterAct’s programs and the long-term support of the co-located partners. In 2011, The Solace Center was established, becoming NC’s first community-based sexual assault forensic examination center.

InterAct is governed by an 18-member Board of Directors. The Executive Director will be leading a team of six direct reports, a total team of 75 dedicated staff and 118 volunteers. The 2020 -2021 budget is set at $6.6 million representing 60% in government funding, 17% in individual funding, 13% corporate funding, and 10% other sources.

The pandemic forced the staff at InterAct to adapt quickly. To operate safely, InterAct transitioned out of its shelter to a non-congregate alternative. InterAct’s 24/7/365 crisis line staff are working remotely and call volume remains steady with three notable trends: 1) 25% of callers are screening in at high risk of serious injury or even death; 2) over 50% of callers are referencing concern over COVID-19; and 3) after safety, the greatest need is for immediate safe housing. The Solace Center remains open, preventing unnecessary visits to overwhelmed emergency departments.

The Opportunity
The Executive Director will lead and manage a complex organization demanding excellent leadership, communication, and managerial skills, as well as the ability to advocate on behalf of those affected by domestic and sexual violence. Necessary skills include compassion for the victims and survivors of domestic and sexual violence and a deep respect for staff.

More specifically, the Executive Director will:

Create and nurture a supportive, healthy, empowering, and accountable work culture. Frontline staff are dedicated to their work but are at constant risk of secondary trauma and burnout especially given the pressures of working during the pandemic. They need a visible, inclusive, and approachable leader who understands the impact this work has on them and provides them with the support and tools they need to be successful. Just as staff are working to empower victims and survivors, the Executive Director must empower the staff to make decisions, within organizational guidelines, to work in their client’s best interests.

Increase professional development, collaboration, and opportunities for advancement for staff to keep InterAct at the forefront of providing effective services. InterAct has the good fortune to have staff with many years of experience and recent graduates of programs who bring new energy and ideas. The Executive Director will create a culture that respects and seeks input from all staff and thoughtfully encourages feedback from staff when considering new policies or practices. Improved communication methods must be created that bring the organization together for the purposes of improving services, collaboration, and training. InterAct’s next leader will be committed to professional development for all staff and will nurture internal leaders who can advance within the organization, thereby deepening InterAct’s ability to serve and keeping talented professionals in the field.

Expand a commitment to diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion. The Executive Director must set the standard for inculcating diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion as a living, operating value throughout the organization. The staff and Board have already begun this work and seeks a leader who understands these issues with both heart and head and who can create the ideal work environment for addressing issues and creating change.

An effective community collaborator and advocate. InterAct is a leader in bringing together other agencies and community stakeholders in a multi-agency and government model to serve victims and survivors of domestic and sexual assault. The new Executive Director should understand the national Family Justice Center model and be committed to leading the further development and growth of an innovative and effective multi-agency model that best serves the needs of the community. Advocating on behalf of victims and survivors is one of the top priorities of the Executive Director. Progress towards systemic changes and a greater public understanding of the issues would not exist without these efforts. However, more needs to be done. The Executive Director should be comfortable in the role of an advocate, and skilled in working with all members of the community including clients, other service providers, policymakers, and elected officials.

Diversify and expand financial support. InterAct is in an enviable financial position compared to many nonprofits, but like many nonprofits, there is still tremendous opportunity for growth when it comes to diversifying and expanding its sources of support. In order to meet growing demands for services while prioritizing continued education on best-practices, increasing unrestricted operational and specialized program support will be critical. The Executive Director will have a history as a successful fundraiser who appreciates the important role the Executive Director plays in securing major and transformational gifts and grants.

• Creative thinker who is innovative, adaptable, and able to take the organization to the next level, while honoring InterAct’s history and traditions; a leader who is reflective and thoughtful when taking risks and knows how to scale new ideas and programs.
• Provides visionary and strategic operational leadership while embracing InterAct’s mission, values, and direction; ensures that best practices are followed throughout the organization.
• Works with Board and staff to update InterAct’s long-range strategic plan and ensures the organization has the resources required to be financially healthy.
• Provides leadership in developing organizational, financial, and program plans with the Board of Directors and staff and carries out plans and policies authorized by the Board.
• Sets the tone in creating a safe, productive, and healthy work environment for staff and volunteers based on trust, transparency, and mutual respect and where staff are given the support they need to be healthy and productive.
• Creates a work culture that includes ongoing training and mentoring, encourages a culture that attracts and retains talented people and promotes opportunities to advance the best within the organization.
• Models and develops strategies that ensures the organization is constantly integrating diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion as living organizational values.
• Strengthens, advocates for, and expands strong collaborative working relationships with government and other local service providers to ensure that victims and survivors of domestic and sexual violence are treated with respect and that the systems are working towards common goals to the benefit of victims and survivors.
• Serves as the organization’s lead spokesperson and advocate in the Wake County community and with state coalitions and national organizations in promoting InterAct’s mission and as a voice for change for those dealing with domestic and sexual violence.
• Keeps the organization informed of national, state, and local trends and policies.

• Actively supports the Chief Development Officer and other responsible staff to create a diversified fundraising strategy including annual giving, major gifts, and planned giving/estate programs, in addition to support from foundations, corporations, civic organizations, and government agencies.
• Works with the Chief Development Officer and the Board to prepare an annual fundraising and communications plan to meet budgetary needs while keeping healthy reserves.
• Manages a personal portfolio of top donors and prospects, including cultivation and solicitation, and encourages and supports fundraising activities by the Board.
• Participates in major donor cultivation, solicitation, retention, and stewardship events.
• Develops a thorough knowledge of InterAct’s history, major accomplishments and challenges, key leaders and important funders, and its role within the North Carolina and national domestic violence and sexual assault communities and coalitions.

Finance and Operations
• Possesses a thorough knowledge of the organization’s financial details and status.
• Develops and maintains sound financial management practices with effective internal controls for the protection of organizational assets.
• Leads the preparation of an annual organizational budget.
• Maintains official records and documents, and ensures timely compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations for the organization and its land holdings as well as with funders’ reporting requirements.
• Works with the Director of Finance to ensure an annual third-party audit and that all federal and state tax returns and payments are met by deadline.

Board of Directors
• Keeps the Board fully informed on the condition of the organization and important factors influencing it.
• Provides accurate and timely reports and information necessary for the Board to make informed decisions.
• Plays an active role in the recruitment and development of new Board members.
• Assists the Chief Development Officer in growing a Board culture of philanthropy through individual giving and participation in fundraising and awareness activities.
• Works with individual Board members to maximize each member’s contribution to the success of the organization.

Education and Preferred Qualifications
• Bachelor’s degree from an accredited four-year college or university is required, or substantial equivalent experience will be considered. An advanced degree, preferably in social work, public administration, or related fields is a plus.
• Experience with and a commitment to, supporting and addressing the needs of victims and survivors of domestic and sexual violence. Equivalent experience with other populations dealing with crisis situations, such as homelessness, will be considered.
• Eight or more years in a leadership role in a nonprofit with a similar or related mission, with proven experience moving an organization forward to reach ambitious goals.
• Seasoned, caring organizational leader and manager with a reputation for integrity and a track record of creating and nurturing healthy, productive, trust-based, and collaborative work cultures.
• Understands and knows how to support staff working in highly stressful situations who are at risk of secondary trauma.
• Strong cultural competency skills and culturally responsive with a history of working effectively with all people regardless of their history, economic status, ability, race, gender identity, education level or sexual orientation.
• Experience ensuring organizations are diverse, equitable, accessible, and inclusive.
• Politically savvy and a tested advocate who has experience working with elected officials and government staff, with the capacity to establish, build, and manage alliances and effective partnerships; a leader who will influence, engage, and build long-term relationships with a wide range of key stakeholders.
• Collaborative, diplomatic, and trusted; leads by example, excellent listener, and facilitator.
• Exceptional writer and excellent communicator with the ability to listen and engage, who can inspire, educate, and move people to action as a public speaker, in personal meetings, and in written form.
• Experienced networker, enthusiastic about making connections, attending events, and being visible in places that benefit the organization.
• Fundraising experience raising significant gifts from individuals, businesses, and foundations, with a history of securing federal, state, and local government grants and contracts.
• Servant leader with humility, compassion, and emotional maturity, who is confident, energetic, creative, and has the ability to make difficult but necessary decisions.

To apply: In one document please submit a cover letter (including how you learned about this opportunity) and resume and send via email to:

Ms. Leigh Bleecker
Chair, Board of Directors and Search Committee

Applications will be accepted until March 26, 2021 or until the position is filled.

Salary range: Up to $125,000 plus benefits, commensurate with experience.

Five references will be required of finalists. A short presentation and writing samples may also be required from semi-finalists or finalists. Academic, credit, and criminal checks will be conducted before a final offer is made. The consulting firm of moss+ross has been retained to assist with the search.

InterAct’s Non-Discrimination Policy
InterAct does not discriminate in any way with regard to clients served, recruitment of volunteers and Board members and administration of potential and current staff. InterAct recruits volunteers and staff and serves clients without regard to race, gender, national origin, religion, age medical condition, creed, sexual orientation or handicap.