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Community Engagement Specialist

This job listing has already closed.
Location: *Remote
Position Type: Full-time
Closing Date: June 16, 2023

The Center for Aging and Adult Research & Educational Services (Cares) is one of several community engaged programs within the UNC School of Social Work. The mission of the School of Social Work is to advance equity, transform systems, and improve lives. Cares provides education, community engagement, systems capacity building, and policy analysis across the state in order to empower vulnerable adults and their families to experience choice and dignity in their lives.
The position of Community Engagement Specialist at UNC Cares serves to develop, support, and evaluate projects and activities that build communities’ capacity to enable adults of all ages and abilities to thrive.

This includes creating curricula, training, and other educational materials as well as working with individuals, backbone and steering teams, working committees, organizations, and multi-stakeholder coalitions.
o Support the use of Collective Impact.
o Lead, facilitate, or otherwise support backbone and steering teams, working committees, and multi-stakeholder coalitions, as required.
o Advise and train clients in the use of Collective Impact.
o Identify and adapt Collective Impact resources for specific projects and audiences.
o Assist in identifying or developing shared measurements.
o Develop educational materials (courses, curricula, training, etc.)
o Research cutting edge and best practices, peer-reviewed research literature, and existing resources related to educational topics.
o Write and design educational materials using best practice for instructional design (including plain language and digital accessibility).
o Tailor educational materials for different, targeted audiences, including but not limited to individuals with I/DD, older adults, family caregivers, and professionals in various fields such as social work, education, and healthcare.
o Deliver education through presentations, training, and other settings. (Examples include creating online, on-demand, hybrid, and in person training for the NC Division of Aging and Adult Services; providing workshops and trainings for the Division of State Operated Healthcare Facilities (DSOHF) among others).
o Contribute to UNC Cares strategic planning and tactical operations.
o Assist in developing and implementing project workplans.
o Prepare and/or contribute to quarterly, annual, and other project update reports.
o Represent Cares’ mission and work within the School of Social Work and the University, and with partner organizations and other entities across the State of North Carolina and beyond.
o Evaluate processes and outcomes.
o Identify or develop appropriate tools for evaluation.
o Utilize both formative and summative evaluation strategies.
o Support the use of evaluation results to improve processes and outcomes.