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Client Services Director

This job listing has already closed.
Location: Orange
Position Type: Full-time
Closing Date: August 20, 2021

Position Description: Client Services Director
The Orange County Rape Crisis Center’s mission is to stop sexual violence and its impact through support,
education, and advocacy. We envision a just and equitable world free of sexual violence and all other forms
of oppression. Our values include professionalism, excellence, accessibility, social justice, community
involvement, self-care, and empowerment.
The Client Services Director position is considered full time, exempt in accordance with the Fair Labor
Standards Act, and requires regular hours as well as frequent evenings and weekends. The CSD reports to
the Executive Director.
1. Program Administration
• Oversee direct client services rendered by the Client Services Team, including but not limited to the
24-Hour Help Line, Online Helpline (OHL), support groups, therapy, and advocacy services.
• Work with the Client Services team to monitor progress of programmatic goals, including the regular
review of data and processes, preparation of relevant grant reports and applications, evaluation of
programs, and assessment of program development and resource needs.
• Ensure program compliance with agency policies and protocols, grant conditions, and ethical
standards in the field.
• Work collaboratively with the Outreach and Education Team and key community partners in Black
/African-American and Latina/o/x communities to develop Mobile Advocacy program to meet
marginalized survivors in their own communities.
• File mandated reports on child abuse/ neglect when necessary.
• Lead the Client Services Team in the development and update of materials and systems to ensure
that Center clients receive effective response, referrals, and information.
• Advance improvement goals for data collection and management
• On an as needed basis, provide back-up assistance with staff-on-call cell phone, chat or text
coverage, in house coverage, and direct client support.
2. Staff Management
• Serve as the direct supervisor for the Advocacy Program Manager, Support Group Coordinator,
Clinical Case Manager, and Clinical Therapist(s).
i. Staff supervision includes but is not limited to: (1) coordinating hiring processes, (2)
monitoring progress, (3) encouraging professional development and self-care, (4)
administering performance evaluations, (5) assisting with day-to-day issues. (6) biweekly supervision, and (7) weekly team meetings
• Work with supervisees on the follow-up and case management of clients as needed.
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• Work with university or school programs to provide internship opportunities for students.
• Provide high quality supervision to MSW and BSW interns.
• Maintain an expertise in training staff to provide services to victims of sexual violence. Training and
services must be research-based and consistent with best practices in the fields of crisis intervention
and sexual violence prevention and response.
• Monitor and assist Client Services staff with self-care and professional quality of life issues by
providing ongoing communication about wellness and training/technical support around self-care and
vicarious trauma.
3. Community Advocacy and Policy
• Develop and maintain relationships with service providers and partner agencies, including but not
limited to law enforcement, medical services, domestic violence service providers, and the University
of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
• Coordinate the Orange County Domestic Violence Sexual Assault Response Committee (DVSARC)
in their efforts to monitor and evaluate community response systems.
• Serve on various task forces and advocacy initiatives that work to improve the system of care for
• Work with community partners to evaluate and promote new services.
4. Agency Leadership
• Work closely with the Executive Director, bringing programmatic issues and needs to their attention
• Work closely with agency Directors to ensure cross-team communication and collaboration.
• Assist in the agency’s efforts to maintain self-care by organizing self-care opportunities for staff and
5. General Responsibilities
• Complete any other tasks and trainings deemed necessary by the Executive Director.
• Work as a team member in order to achieve the mission of the Center.
• Maintain appropriate standards of confidentiality.
Qualifications Required:
1. Master’s in Social Work + minimum 2 year of work experience in human services.
2. Experience managing, leading, and supervising staff.
3. At least two years of experience in sexual assault services, counseling, or related field.
4. Experience working with crisis issues on an emergency, on-call basis.
5. Demonstrated effectiveness in communicating ideas both verbally and in writing.
6. Demonstrated effectiveness in coalition-building and/or working on multidisciplinary teams.
7. Demonstrated effectiveness working with BIPOC and LGBTQIA communities/clients.
8. Demonstrated cultural awareness, humility, and competency.
9. Flexibility and ability to adapt to rapidly changing environments.
10. Commitment to self-awareness, ethical practice, and setting appropriate boundaries.
11. Vaccinated against COVID-19
12. Able to get to UNC Hospital in Chapel Hill within 30 minutes
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Qualifications Preferred:
1. Bilingual in English and Spanish.
2. Familiarity with community resources available for survivors of sexual violence.
Salary: Dependent upon education and experience. Hiring range: $50,000-55,000.
Benefits: Health, life and dental insurance; retirement investment plan; generous leave package
Funding: The Client Services Director is considered a permanent staff position and is funded through a
variety of grant sources renewable on annual and biannual basis, including: NC Governor’s Crime
Commission VOCA grants, NC Department of Administration Council for Women and Youth Involvement,
NC Department of Health and Human Services RCVS grant, and local government funders Human
Services grants.
The Orange County Rape Crisis Center is committed to fostering the leadership of people of color,
Native people, immigrants and refugees, low-income people, LGBTQ+ and trans* people, people
with disabilities, survivors of sexual and/or domestic violence, and people living in the many
intersections of these experiences. We strongly encourage people from these communities to apply
and will not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, color, socioeconomic class, gender
identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, sex, religion, disability status, citizenship status,
age, veteran status, or national origin.