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Aftercare Family Services Coordinator

This job listing has already closed.
Location: Durham
Position Type: Full-time
Closing Date: December 31, 2020

1. Position Title: Aftercare Family Services Coordinator

2. Immediate Supervisor Title: Director of Residential and Support Services

3. Primary Areas of Service:
The Aftercare Family Services Coordinator (AFSC) oversees the continuity of services and support to families served by Families Moving Forward (FMF). Duties include ensuring that families who have recently experienced homelessness remain self-sufficient and successfully housed after moving into permanent housing, helping families achieve personal goals and helping families strengthen community connections. These outcomes are accomplished through Family Services Coordinator (FSC) engagement in the following: Identifying and focusing on the strengths of each family, developing goals centered around the family’s stated and assessed needs, assisting the family in recognizing all possible supports both formal and informal, helping to enhance parent-child relationships within the family, linking the family with needed resources, encouraging family involvement in programming offered at and by Families Moving Forward, and seeking to empower the family to advocate for itself. Family Service Coordinators will also collaborate with community partners and other professionals to create supports for the family and to affect changes at a systems level by being mindful of issues that affect the families served by Families Moving Forward and advocating on their behalf. The areas of service breakdown include:

* Follow-up and aftercare services
* Screening and assessment
* Brief crisis counseling
* Modeling, teaching
* Case management of 20-25 families
* Substance abuse and recovery services coordination
* Health and well-being services coordination
* Legal and housing assistance services coordination
* Resources development for client assistance
* Volunteer engagement
* HMIS compliance
* Documentation
* Perform other duties as assigned

4. Specific Duties:
Aftercare Family Services Coordinator
Follow-up and aftercare services/Screening & Assessment
– Provides service to program participants utilizing generalist case management; performs screenings, assessments, referrals, follow-ups, enrollments;
– Establishes and maintains collaborative working relationships with landlords, property management companies, shelters and community resources; develops housing resources and referrals; works with other FMF team members on facilitating events as needed. Assists participants with completing lease agreements and obtaining other supportive documents such as identification, social security cards, etc. as required by leasing agents/property managers; negotiates community-based support and services ;
– Maintains contact with families on caseload, maintains case record files; prepares statistical reports; makes home visits in connection with casework assignments, has monthly contact with landlords; participates in in-service training and staff development activities; maintains up to date information regarding housing stability and housing plans; prepares and submits reports to supervisor in a timely manner; enters participant information into the HMIS database in a timely matter, including updates; and other documentation as needed.
– Participates in and/or conducts file reviews as assigned by supervisor.
– Attends appropriate coalition and other community resource meetings; attends training and workshops as available; develops promotional strategies to inform the community about the program including community presentations, print materials, and related activities.
– Must be able to work a flexible schedule; performs other assigned duties in a timely and efficient matter.
– The position is also expected to actively participate and contribute to the ongoing relationship each member of the Residential and Support Services Team has with one another. The AFSC will work to foster an environment of support, productivity and camaraderie.

Assist families on primary caseload in the creation, revision, and monitoring of goal plans
– Review the services coordination strategy, visioning process of client goal-setting, programming, and program expectations with families
– Maintain appropriate documentation to track clients’ program participation, achievement and stability
– Ensure that clients sign all appropriate paperwork
– Provide leadership in the visioning process; assist clients in the creation and articulation of vision statement(s)/plans
– Facilitate the translation of vision statements into support plans that reflect the family/client capacity model; to include budgeting and money management
– Work with families to continually identify needs, set goals, identify barriers, problem solve, and access needed resources
– Conduct at least monthly services coordination meetings to evaluate and revise agreed upon support plans
– Maintain up-to-date files for those on primary caseload and complete documentation in all client files as needed, including documentation of all meetings, referrals, contacts, and supportive services delivered
– Present information in daily check-ins and weekly services review meetings with Residential and Support Services Team members
– Provide follow-up supportive services to recent program graduates for 12-24 months including, but not limited to home visits, office visits, and check-in phone calls, emails and text messages

Provide role modeling and support for clients
– Build respectful relationships with all clients in Aftercare and in residence at Families Moving Forward
– Teach, model, and offer direct intervention to facilitate and ensure the health, safety & education of all clients, including direct intervention in emergencies and as “teachable moments” present themselves
– Work with other housing service team members and the DoRSS/DoP to assess and address issues of household & family management that might involve shopping, cleaning house with an infant, serving regular nutritious meals, establishing bed times for children, reading to kids, etc.
– Mediate conflicts
– Involve clients in problem solving & decision making
– Model and guide developmentally appropriate interactions between parents and children
– Discuss housing guidelines violations and inappropriate behaviors with clients
– Communicate with other Residential and Support Services Team members about serious and/or recurring housing and/or programming guidelines violations, resident health issues (both physical and mental), and other significant observations & assessments.
– Work closely with Programs & Partnerships staff to share ideas for aftercare program and processes and to encourage alumni participation
– Assist Programs & Partnerships Staff to ensure smooth flow of evening and/or weekend programs; including directing visitors and guests to appropriate meeting places, welcoming and signing in volunteers and visitors
– Greet volunteers; introduce them to the agency and out guests, both current and alumni
– Be available for supervision of and wrap-up with volunteers as needed
– Participate in training and in-services for volunteers and/or staff

Train and Supervise Volunteers
– Develop volunteer job descriptions for activities specific to FSC needs; submit to
Community Engagement Coordinator
– Lead and/or participate in interviews for potential volunteers
– Train confirmed volunteers for specific duties related to their FSC-related position
– Manage and supervise volunteers assigned to you while they are engaged on
behalf of FMF; to include securing any needed supplies and/or equipment
– Collect volunteer hours and submit monthly to Community Engagement

Use relationship-building, assessment, inspiration, & direction in individual and group work with clients
– Articulate and reinforce the primary functions of Families Moving Forward’s case management support and programming
– Work with clients and Residential and Support Services Team members to identify families in need of support for mental health & substance abuse treatment; implement service protocol designed to address identified concerns
– Secure resources for and coordinate details of FMF and local community events and activities related to healthy behavior

Provide leadership in accessing health care, legal assistance, adult education, job training and housing
– Provide staff leadership with local agencies and organizations providing physical & mental health and dental care (ABH, LCHC, Health Dept.)
– Provide staff leadership with local agencies and organizations providing legal assistance (Legal Aid)
– Provide staff leadership with local agencies and organizations providing housing assistance, including DHA, Habitat for Humanity & the Land Trust
– Provide staff leadership for building and maintaining relationship with community resources providing financial assistance, adult education, job training, basic needs; such as DTCC, Vocational Rehabilitation, food pantries, DERC, Salvation Army,
– Advocate for FMF clients to secure needed resources and referrals
– Provide guidance and encouragement to FMF clients
– Assess clients for educational and training strengths, goals and needs; make appropriate referrals and provide necessary case management support

Plan and implement services strategies designed to address the needs of individuals, families, and the FMF community as it relates to mental health treatment, substance abuse and recovery
– Work with residents and Residential and Support Services Team members to identify families in need of support for mental health & substance abuse treatment; implement service protocol designed to address problem areas
– Secure resources for and coordinate details of FMF community events and larger community activities related to healthy behaviors
– Provide staff leadership with community agencies whose focus is mental health and/or the prevention and treatment of addiction

Meet all organizational and governmental reporting & documentation requirements
* Complete documentation in the staff communication log
* Complete all necessary family program file forms
* Provide timely documentation of all significant interactions with program participants (case notes)
* Deliver bi-monthly time & services log that reflect services delivered & schedule followed
* Maintain accurate and up-to-date files
* Maintain a working understanding of emergency housing, shelter services, supportive housing, and supportive services as defined by HUD
* Maintain a working understanding of the local CoC
* Submit monthly reports to director of residential services and support
* Assist in preparation of applications and reports to funding agencies as needed

Perform other duties as assigned
• Attend & participate in staff meetings and periodic staff development days.
• Performs other duties as assigned by immediate supervisor, the Executive Director, or someone designated as acting in their behalf.

6. Work Guidelines
* Families Moving Forward’s programs are designed to employ a strengths-based approach which focuses on building relationships and a sense of community with the families for whom we provide housing, follow-up/aftercare and supportive services. The Aftercare Family Services Coordinator is a member of the Residential and Support Services Team and is expected to participate in team-building activities, as well as to employ a strengths-based philosophical approach in the provision of services. Families Moving Forward identifies its broad services areas to be relationship-building, assessment, inspiration, and direction.

* The employee receives guidance and instruction through periodic, scheduled conferences with immediate supervisor as well as impromptu supervision when needed. In the absence of the immediate supervisor, this employee will receive immediate guidance from the Executive Director or someone designated as acting in their behalf. In addition, this employee receives guidance and instruction through written procedures found in the Personnel Policies.

7. Equipment Used
* This employee will be expected to be able drive an automobile, including the organization’s van.
* The employee will maintain a valid NC Driver’s License.
* The employee will be expected to use normal office equipment, computer hardware and software, and other household appliances.

8. Hazardous Conditions
* This employee may be exposed to individuals with contagious diseases.
* This employee may encounter situations involving physically aggressive behaviors.

9. Schedule
* This position is expected to work forty hours each week. Regular hours will include evenings to accommodate Aftercare families’ schedules and programming: Mon and Wed 11 AM – 7/7:30 PM, Tues and/or Thurs 1– 9 pm, and Friday 9 AM -5 PM; some flexibility available. The work schedule also may vary depending on the availability of shelter program graduates. Must be available for periodic weekend work.

10. Salary Range
* $40,000 – $47,000 per year depending on education and prior work experience.

11. Benefits
* An employee/employer health plan
* An employee optional retirement plan
* Paid time off accrued biweekly

Educational Requirements
MSW preferred. All program direct service workers are required to possess a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in a human services field or the equivalent in education and life experiences. This determination is made at the discretion of FMF management during the hiring process.

Bilingual preferred: English/Spanish – proficiency (speaking, reading and writing)

Professional Requirements
Knowledge of the principles of social work, interviewing techniques, social services casework objectives, case documentation, community resources, social problems which require the use of community resources, basic principles of individual and group behavior, family systems, and current issues affecting those experiencing homelessness.

Preferred knowledge: The principles and techniques of supervision, facilitation and training; Experience working with individuals who are experiencing homelessness and have behavioral health issues. Knowledge of best practices relating to trauma informed care.

To Apply: Please submit a full cover letter and a resume to or by mail to Attn: AFSC Search, 300 N. Queen St., Durham, NC 27701. Review of applications will begin immediately with a desired November start date. NO CALLS PLEASE. EOE.