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Advocacy & Wellness Coordinator

This job listing has already closed.
Location: *Not in North Carolina
Position Type: Full-time
Closing Date: June 20, 2021

Primary Position Function/Summary:

Reporting to the Director of the Women’s Resources Center, the Advocacy and Wellness Coordinator position is a 100%, full-time, staff member who serves as a leader in the development and implementation of survivor/victim support services. As a designated campus Confidential Advisor, the Advocacy and Wellness Coordinator serves students, faculty, and staff who have experienced sexual misconduct (sexual assault, sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, stalking, and/or dating/domestic violence), as required by Illinois state law.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

Advocacy and Support Service Coordination:

Provides and coordinates trauma-informed case management, crisis intervention, and survivor-centered advocacy for student, staff, and faculty survivors of sexual misconduct with regards to all of the legal and administrative options, rights, resources, and referrals for survivors/victims of these forms of harm.
Provides and navigates survivor rights and options with systems of the University (ex: Office of Student Conflict Resolution, Office of Access and Equity, Residence Life, financial aid, Title IX and Disability Office, McKinley Health Center, Counseling Center, etc.) and community partners.
Serves as an advisor for those choosing to participate in campus disciplinary processes, and appeals, when requested.
Evaluates summary data to identify trends to better inform outreach and response efforts.
Prepares and delivers presentations and written reports, correspondence, proposals, program assessments and updates, email and other materials for a variety of audiences ensuring compliance with departmental and university guidelines, practices, and principles.

Campus and Partner Capacity Building:

Evaluates sexual misconduct response and prevention/outreach initiatives and makes recommendations for improving initiative effectiveness. Collaborates with campus partners to develop and implement campus-wide trainings, products/resources, and healing services for faculty, staff, and students.
Assist other staff with publicizing the services, programs and events of the Women’s Resources Center through written and electronic means.
Serves on relevant committees, task forces, and development groups on campus and in the community.
Consults on the development of current campus policies and procedures related to sexual misconduct in accordance with VAWA, Title IX, Clery Act, and other federal and state guidelines.
Cultivates and sustains collaborative relationships with a wide array of constituents (staff, faculty, students, community members, and community organizations) in order to accomplish division and departmental goals.
Other duties as assigned.