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Admissions Counselor – Behavioral Health

This job listing has already closed.
Location: *Not in North Carolina
Position Type: Full-time
Closing Date: October 26, 2021

Skyland Trail is a nationally recognized nonprofit mental health treatment organization serving adults ages 18 and older and adolescents ages 14 to 17. Skyland Trail is not a hospital or lock-down institution. We’re one of the nation’s top mental health treatment centers with a voluntary treatment community of clients finding new ways to overcome the limitations of their mental illness and reclaim their lives. As a residential treatment facility, Skyland Trail is serious about healing, and we’re passionate about the community we serve.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Skyland Trail is a Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) qualified employer. Full-time employees may qualify for the federal student loan forgiveness program.

Scope: Responsible for answering intake calls, providing excellent customer service, completing clinical assessments and conceptualizing of potential admitting clients. The Admissions Counselor triages phones calls, performs crisis counseling, family sessions, conducts psychosocial and other assessments. They also coordinate the admissions process. Must have strong organizational skills and be able to work in a fast paced environment.


Complete on-site, video, and phone psychosocial assessments, including presenting issues, symptoms, treatment history, substance abuse assessment, family/social history
Clinical conceptualizes of potential admissions, which includes Admissions Counselor’s assessment of client, family questionnaire/ interview, and records. Conceptualization is presented to Admissions Team and Admitting Psychiatrist.
Provides guidance to family and clients through the admissions process; phone calls, tours, and face to face consultation. Crisis counseling and family sessions, when needed
Coordinate care with referral, sources including hospitals, psychiatrist, therapist and other metal health facilities
Keep written account of all calls, referral sources, and clinical correspondence
Gather all written documentation required on new clients prior to admission
Collects and incorporates all pre-admission testing from clients and families into clients Skyland Trail record
Keep a written record of all assessment, phone calls and admissions to our program via electronic medical records systems prior to admissions
Complete admission paperwork with new admissions and their families
Conduct initial preauthorization for clients whose treatment is covered by Managed Care Organizations (MCOs), as well as educate family/clients on insurance and financial responsibilities
Complete Mini International Neuropsychiatric Interview (MINI), Columbia-Suicide Severity Rating (C-SSRS) and Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) on all new admissions
Writes Psychosocial Assessment for all clients
Attend appropriate meetings as needed:
Staffing meetings
Weekly Admissions meetings
Weekly clinical supervision as needed
Quarterly All Staff Meetings
Perform other duties as assigned

This position should have sufficient preparedness in the following areas:

Clinical Skills
Crisis Management Skills
Negotiation Skills
Knowledge of emergency procedures for fire, disaster and unplanned incidents.
Medical Records
Computer skills

This position should hold the following qualifications:

Minimum of Masters in Psychology, Social Work, Psychiatric Nursing, Counseling or related field
Licensed or Licensed eligible preferred