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Collaborating with UNC School of Social Work faculty

Founded in 1920, the UNC School of Social Work is consistently ranked as one of the best in the nation. We are a graduate school offering M.S.W. and Ph.D. degrees.

Our award-winning faculty are making a difference in today’s most pressing social issues such as substance abuse, eldercare, developmental disabilities, child welfare, mental health care, international social work and supporting military families. Our faculty are respected and recognized scholars and entrepreneurs who produce cutting-edge research. In 2011, faculty received more than $12 million in grant funding.

Opportunities are actively sought to collaborate with international peers on research and other academic activities. The School has signed “memorandums of understanding (MOUs)” with East China University of Science and Technology in Shanghai; the School of Health, Care and Social Welfare at Mälardalen University in Västerås, Sweden; and the Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT) in Pune, India.

Our study abroad program has included study in China, Eastern Europe, Cuba, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, South Africa, Mexico, England, Ireland, the Netherlands, India and Sweden, to examine social welfare issues in different societies and gain a deeper understanding of the globalization of social issues.

The UNC School of Social Work’s faculty look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with you. This page lists several faculty members who would welcome your inquiry, along with their contact information and areas of interest.



Betsy Bledsoe, PhD, MPhil, MSW
Research Interests: Perinatal, maternal and infant mental health; evidence-based practice; Interpersonal psychotherapy; health disparities and culturally relevant mental health practice.
(919) 843-6543



Rebecca B. Brigham, MSW
Research Interests: Child welfare and public policy; foster care and adoption; adult learning theory; international social work education
(919) 962-6532


Mimi Chapman, PhD, MSW
Research Interests: Migration; immigration; mental health; children, youth, & families; social work practice in China
(919) 843-8282


Iris Carlton-LaNey, PhD, MA
Research Interests: Services, programs and treatments for older adults
(919) 962-6536



Gina A. Chowa, PhD, MSW
Research Interests: International social development in asset building, HIV/AIDS, social protection and financial capability
(919) 843-8453



Trenette T. Clark, PhD, MSW
Research Interests: Adolescent drug use and sexual behavior
(919) 843-8020



Mat Despard, MSW
Research Interests: Assets, livelihoods, and financial capability among poor and vulnerable people in lower income countries and the U.S.; nonprofit management and leadership; social entrepreneurship; social business.
(919) 962-6467


Mark Fraser, PhD, MSW
Research Interests: Social-emotional skills training for elementary school children (Making Choices Program); design and development of social and health programs using intervention research.
(919) 962-6538


Maeda Galinsky, PhD, MSW
Research Interests: Social work with groups; intervention research (including development of manuals)
(919) 962-6539



Quentin Joshua Hinson, MSW
Research Interests: Social work practice with immigrant, transmigrant, and refugee populations; Latino health and mental health; field placements and study abroad opportunities in Latin America.
(919) 962-6434


Matthew O. Howard, PhD, MSW, MS
Research Interests: Inhalant misuse, adolescent drug use
(919) 962-6510




Daniel C. Hudgins, MSW
Research Interests: Aging; social welfare policy; human services management; community collaboration
(919) 962-5163



Michael C. Lambert, PhD, MA, MSS
Research Interests: Adjustment in children, youth, adults and families; cross-nationally in general and with focus on children of color as well as appropriate measurement of function in and across such groups.
(919) 962-6436



Kim Strom-Gottfried, PhD, MSW
Research Interests: Crisis intervention, suicide prevention, direct social work practice skills and ethics.
(919) 962-6495



Sharon Holmes Thomas, MSW
Research Interests: Adolescent pregnancy prevention/risk behaviors; families and children; interventions with families of color; international social work education.
(919) 962-4367 


Irene Nathan Zipper, PhD, MSW
Research Interests: Support for families with children who have disabilities
(919) 966-6395



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