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Certificate in International Development

The Graduate Certificate in International Development is available to UNC graduate students in all schools who wish to acquire a specialization in issues of international development and social change, whether internationally or domestically focused. The certificate may be awarded to students at either the master’s or doctoral level.

Four graduate courses at UNC or from any university with which UNC has a formal consortium arrangement on topics related to international development and social change. Two of the courses must be external to the student’s home department or school. Students must also participate in a bi-weekly workshop organized each spring by the Center for Global Initiatives; there is no grade or credit associated with this workshop.

Courses in Social Work that have related certificate content:

  • SoWo 880, Sustainable Development
  • SoWo 881, Community Practice and Planning
  • SoWo 882, Citizen Participation
  • SoWo 884, Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations

A thesis, dissertation or major seminar paper on a topic related to international development and social change is required. Language or technical training is strongly encouraged if it is appropriate to the student’s field.

For more information about the certificate as it relates to students in the School of Social Work, contact Ranier Masa at