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Field Placements


Field practice generally occurs concurrently with classroom courses. During the first-year placement, students are introduced to a broad range of human services, giving them opportunities to work with disadvantaged, vulnerable, and oppressed individuals, families and communities. In the second year, students are assigned to placements based on their interests of working directly with clients or in management and public policy on behalf of clients.

Requests for Field Assignments
Entering full-time and advanced standing students are placed in field sites by the field team, which reviews applications and field planning guides and may conduct personal interviews. Students in part-time programs begin field practica in their second year of study. Faculty in the off-campus, part-time programs work with the field team in assigning students to sites in the areas served by the part-time program.

Students are not usually placed in an agency where they are already employed, though the School recognizes that if properly structured, students may complete part of their education and remain employed in their communities.

Placements must generally align to students':

  • concentration
  • interests
  • goals

The field instructor and student must agree that the match is compatible.

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