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Social Work and Public Administration

Program Description

The dual degree program in social work and public administration prepares students for public service leadership roles in human services. The MSW/MPA can be earned in 3 years. Students apply first to the School of Social Work and later to the Department of Public Administration. Admission to one program does not necessarily mean that admission will be granted to the other.


92 credit hours

  • 50 hours in social work
  • 42 in public administration

For all candidates

  • 12 of the 54 credit hours required for the MPA degree may be counted from the social work curriculum
  • 12 of the 62 hours required for the MSW may be counted from the public administration curriculum

Candidates in the MSW/MPA dual degree program may count certain courses toward both degrees. Each program advisor must approve a candidate’s plan of study.

Program schedule

In the first year, students enroll in the social work program for fall and spring semesters while they complete the Foundation courses, Foundation practica, and one Advanced Curriculum course for the MSW. The CMPP Concentration is recommended. Students may select any field of practice.

In the second year, students enroll in the public administration program to complete core requirements and in the social work program to take concentration requirements. In the summer following the second year, students complete a paid summer practicum in a placement appropriate to both social work and public administration. Third-year students enroll in public administration to complete advanced public administration courses and the remaining social work requirements.