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Scholarship Funds

Generous donors have established dozens of scholarship funds to help students at our School. Some are designated for students who meet certain criteria — for example, a student who lives in a particular county or a student who is pursuing a particular career in social work. Others are available to a broader range of students.

You may contribute to an existing scholarship fund or create your own scholarship fund, perhaps to honor a family member or role model. In addition, gifts to our annual fund that are unrestricted (not designated for a specific purpose) help support our School’s general scholarship opportunities for all students.

Curious about the scholarships that are already available at our School? Explore this list of established scholarships.

Make a gift online


Please note that the online giving form shows only five funds at a time. If you would like to designate your gift for a particular fund that does not appear on the menu, click the “Find More Fund Options” link and type the name of the fund you have chosen.

If you are interested in creating your own scholarship fund, please contact our development team.