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Donor Recognition

We are grateful for the generous donors whose gifts make it possible for us to provide student scholarships, recognize faculty excellence, and serve our state, nation, and world through a variety of School initiatives.

Gift Clubs

Donors who give $100 or more to the School within the fiscal year (July 1-June 30) are recognized through gift club designations. These apply both to single gifts and to ongoing pledge payments.

  • Chancellor’s Club
    Contributions of $2,000 and up
  • Howard Odum Founder’s Circle
    Contributions of $1,000 to $1,999
  • Dean’s Club
    Contributions of $500 to $999
  • Cornerstone Club
    Contributions of $250 to $499
  • Century Club
    Contributions of $100 to $249


We honor these donors through recognition in our School’s Annual Report, which includes an honor roll of donors. If there are any errors in attribution, please contact our development team so that we can make any necessary corrections.

Additional Recognition

We believe it is important for our donors to have opportunities to become actively involved in our School community, to see our work firsthand, to meet our students and faculty, and to understand fully why their gifts mean so much to us.

Some of our leading donors have accepted opportunities to serve on our Board of Advisors, where they learn more about our programs and activities and have opportunities to share what they are learning with others who are interested in our School.

Occasionally, donors may receive invitations to special School events, which have included lectures, tours, salon programs, receptions, and other activities.

Donors may also receive personal messages of gratitude from members of our School community. We value every one of our donors and want you to understand how deeply we appreciate your involvement.

Thank You for Your Support

We recognize that, for our alumni and friends, giving to the School is a very personal and important part of their lives. We are grateful for every gift of every amount.

Our youngest donors may be just beginning new careers and may choose to skip a movie or a few trips to the coffee shop to make a $10 gift — we are grateful!

Our donors who are making career changes may be counting every penny and may choose instead to support the School by becoming our most vocal cheerleaders, sharing our news and opportunities with friends who may be in a position to become donors themselves — we are grateful!

Our senior donors may be unable to give regularly during retirement but may choose to make a planned gift from an estate — we are grateful!

Thank you for considering the many different ways that you can help support UNC School of Social Work, through your gifts and through other activities. We are grateful.