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Bethany Wichman-Buescher

Scholarship Award, Linda M. Summer Scholarship, 2019-2020

By the time Bethany Wichman-Buescher realized she wanted to be a trauma therapist, she didn’t think it would be possible. She was expecting her first child and had other major family responsibilities. She also lacked the funding to go back to school.

Receiving the Summer Scholarship has helped Wichman-Buescher to follow her dream and ensure that her family is financially stable. Following graduation, she plans to work for a community-based mental health agency in the Triangle area. She is particularly passionate about working with survivors of gender-based violence and individuals with a history of trauma.

“I am determined to find a way to make mental health services more accessible to those who most need them. This degree will enable me to create a safe space for healing and to better understand the experiences of marginalized clients. [The] investment in my future will pay off through the hundreds of clients I will serve in the years to come.”

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