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Stefani Baca-Atlas

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Suite 524-B

325 Pittsboro Street

Chapel Hill, NC 27599

Stefani Baca-Atlas began her doctoral studies at UNC in 2016. Baca-Atlas is an interprofessional researcher who studies structural and historical risk factors that facilitate transgenerational trauma, and relationships between migration, victimization and exploitation, and mental, physical, and behavioral health outcomes. She uses social work and public health frameworks to analyze the impact of social exclusion, persecution, and discrimination on the health and well-being of Latinx immigrants and citizens. Baca-Atlas’s dissertation chair is Dr. Gary Cuddeback.

Baca-Atlas implements her background in international child welfare, interpersonal violence, and human trafficking case management as a member of Dean Duncan’s research team. She works with the group on projects related to outcomes for youth involved in the child welfare system and building community capacity to address sex and labor trafficking among children and youth. She provides training to youth and adults about human trafficking and to health professionals about trauma-informed care for survivors of violence, exploitation and human trafficking, consults on research projects at UNC, RTI, and has assisted with the development of a statewide public outreach campaign.

Baca-Atlas received an MSW from University of Maryland, Baltimore, and a B.A. from Arizona State University.

Primary Program

Project No Rest