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Leah Bartley (she/her/hers)

Senior Implementation Specialist

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Tate-Turner-Kuralt Building


325 Pittsboro Street

CB 3550

Chapel Hill, NC 27599

O: 301-385-2939

Leah Bartley, MSW, Ph.D., is a Senior Implementation Specialist in the School of Social Work at the University of North Carolina and Chapel Hill. In her current role, she is supporting implementation science application in child welfare, early childhood, and philanthropic initiatives. She was also a 2014-2016 Doris Duke Fellow for the Promotion of Child Wellbeing through the University of Chicago Chapin Hall. Previously, she was a program manager for the Ruth Young Center for Children and Families at the University of Maryland Baltimore where she provided technical assistance, data analysis, and implementation support to the replication of Family Connections, a child maltreatment prevention program. Furthermore, from 2008-2010, she was a Duke Endowment Fellow, following several years as a direct service social worker. Leah’s perspective is grounded in a holistic and ecological frame. She values the importance of relationships and trust in implementation efforts to improve conditions for children and families. Specifically, Leah hopes to further implementation practice and research focused on elevating strategies and methodologies that are relational and responsive in nature.

Degrees and Licenses

Ph.D., University of Maryland Baltimore School of Social Work
MSW, University of South Carolina School of Social Work
BSW, North Carolina State University School of Social Work

Primary Program

Collaborative for Implementation Practice


Certificate in Nonprofit Management, Duke University
Koru Mindfulness and Meditation Training

Research and Professional Interests

Implementation Practice
Child Maltreatment Prevention
Capacity Building
Relational Strategies

Other Projects

Steps to Success, Annie E. Casey Foundation

Ready for School, Ready for Life, The Duke Endowment

Building Trusting Relationships to Support Evidence Use in Human Services, William T. Grant Foundation

Recent Publications

Albers, B., Metz, A., Burke, K., Buhrmann, L., Bartley, L.,….Varsi, C. (2021). The mechanisms of implementation support – Findings from a systematic integrative review. Research on Social Work Practice,

Bartley, L., DePanfilis, D., & Bright, C. (2021). A mixed-methods study to understand the impact of practitioner and organizational factors on fidelity of a child maltreatment prevention intervention in community-based settings. Implementation Research and Practice, 2, 1-12. DOI: 10.1177/26334895211050864

Metz, A., Albers, B., Burke, K., Bartley, L., Louison, L., Ward, C., & Farley, A. (2020). Implementation practice in human service systems: Understanding the principles and competencies of professionals who support implementation. Human Service Organizations: Management, Leadership & Governance, 1-23

Yazejian, N., Metz, A., Morgan, J., Louison, L., Bartley, L.,….Haidar, L. (2019). Co-creative technical assistance, essential functions and interim outcomes. Evidence & Policy, 15, 339.

Bartley, L., Bright, C.L., & DePanfilis, D. (2017). Contributors to fidelity of child welfare related intervention. A review. Journal of Public Child Welfare, 11 (4-5), 433-463