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JP Przewoznik

Clinical Assistant Professor

JP Przewoznik


Tate-Turner-Kuralt Building

Suite 324-F

325 Pittsboro Street

Chapel Hill, NC 27599

O: 919-962-6470

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JP Przewoznik, MSW, (any pronouns respectfully) is a proud social worker with 20 years of experience in community organizing, direct practice and systems advocacy. JP has experience as a clinician, educator, researcher, program evaluator, policy advocate, and technical assistance provider, and has spent much of her career working with and within LGBTQ+ communities.

JP spent almost a decade engaging in sexual violence prevention work across North Carolina as a statewide program director. Additionally, JP serves on the Boards for Safe Schools North Carolina and FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture. Her research interests include LGBTQ+ health and wellness, sexual violence prevention, adverse childhood experiences with attention to systemic and institutional risk factors, and social determinants of health.

Degrees and Licenses

MSW, Temple University
BA, New York University

Primary Program

MSW Education


Trained in Mental Health First Aid

Research and Professional Interests

LGBTQ+ Communities
Sexual Violence Prevention
Adverse Childhood Experiences
Social Determinants of Health

Recent Publications

Przewoznik, J. (2016). Gay Straight Alliances (GSAs) as a Component of a Sexual Violence Prevention Strategy: History, Possibility, and Lessons Learned from North Carolina. National LGBTQ DV Capacity Building Learning Center.

Honeycutt, J. and Przewoznik, J. (2016). Preserving Survivor Choice: Forensic Compliance and LGBTQ+ Survivors of Sexual Violence. National LGBTQ DV Capacity Building Learning Center.

Murray, C., Ong, I., Smith, P., Foreman, T., Ackers, W., Przewoznik, J., Johnson Hostler, M., Guerrero,C. & Dooley, R. (2015). Linking Research and Practice to Address Domestic and Sexual Violence: Lessons Learned from a Statewide Conference with Researchers and Practitioners, Journal of Aggression, Conflict and Peace Research, Vol. 7 Iss 2 pp. 76-87.

Lang, K., Bergeron-Naper M., Przewoznik, J., Guerrero, C., & Coulter-Thompson, E (2012).Sexual Violence & Individuals Who Identify as LGBTQ: Guide for Transformative Prevention Programming. National Sexual Violence Resource Center.

Linton, B., Przewoznik, J., & Guerrero C. (2011). Primary Prevention of Sexual Violence in North Carolina: A Public Health Approach. North Carolina Medicine Journal, 71, 557- 558.

Presentations, Workshops and Media

Tabachnick, J. & Przewoznik, J. (2018, December). Understanding Perpetration: A Critical Factor to Preventing First-Time Harm, Solving the Campus Sexual and Intimate Partner Violence Puzzle Conference, Raleigh, NC.

Lee, D., Przewoznik, J., Ryder-Milkovich, H., & Sniffen C. (2018, August). Situational Prevention: A New Approach to Campus Sexual Violence Prevention, National Sexual Assault Conference, Anaheim, CA.

Przewoznik, J. (2018, June). Invited Speaker: Visioning Toward the Practical: Employing Institutional and Interpersonal Behavior Change to Prevent Sexual Violence Against LGBTQ+ College Students, Everfi Campus Prevention Network Summit, New Orleans, LA.

Przewoznik, J. (2017, August). Keynote Address: The Social Causes of Harm, or What We Need to Know to Support LGBTQ+ Survivors of Human Trafficking. Presented at the North Carolina Project No REST Anti-Human Trafficking Conference, Asheville, NC.

Przewoznik, J. (2015, August). Results from The Experiences with Sexual and Intimate Partner Violence Among LGBTQI+-Identified College Students on NC Campuses: A Mixed Methods Study. Presented at the National Sexual Assault Conference, Los Angeles, CA.


SOWO 570

Social Welfare Practice with Organizations and Communities


MSW Generalist

SOWO 530

Foundations of Social Welfare and Social Work

MSW Generalist