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Iris Carlton-LaNey

Professor Emerita

Dr. Iris Carlton-LaNey received her bachelor’s degree in social work from NCA&T State University where the complex themes of inclusivity and social justice were nurtured. She received her AM in social work from the University of Chicago and her Ph.D. from the University of Maryland at Baltimore.

Her research interests include aging issues and African American social welfare history. Iris has several books to her credit including; Preserving and Strengthening Small Towns and Rural Communities (with Edwards & Reid) and African American Leadership: An Empowerment Tradition in Social Welfare History.

In 2003, she was the recipient of the Council on Social Work Education’s (CSWE) Distinguished Recent Contributions in Social Work Education Award. In 2010 she received the National Association of Black Social Workers’ Distinguished Achievement in Social Work Education Award. In 2011, the CSWE Women’s Council named her the Feminist Scholarship Honoree and the Sisters of the Academy (SOTA) presented her with their inaugural Legacy Award.

In 2012, the University of Maryland at Baltimore School of Social Work identified Iris as one of its “50 Heroes for Justice,” and in 2015, the National Association of Social Workers named her a Social Work Pioneer. North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper appointed Iris to the North Carolina Social Services Commission in 2017, and NASW-NC selected her the 2018 Social Worker of the Year.

Iris is committed to social work education that reflects the critical responsibility we have to take action for social justice.

Degrees and Licenses

Ph.D., University of Maryland Baltimore
AM, University of Chicago
BS, North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University

Research and Professional Interests

Social Welfare History
Aging in Rural Communities

Recent Publications

Washington, T. R., Hain, D. J., Zimmerman, S., & Carlton-LaNey, I. (2018). Identification of Potential Mediators Between Depression and Fluid Adherence in Older Adults Undergoing Hemodialysis Treatment. Nephrology Nursing Journal, 45(3), 251-258.

Hamilton, J., Stewart, J., Thompson, K., Alvarez, C., Best, N., Amoah, K., & Carlton-LaNey, I. (2017). Younger African American adults’ use of religious songs to manage stressful life events. Journal of Religion & Heath, 55(5), 1-16. DOI: 10.1007/s10943-016-0288-6

Bent-Goodley, I, Fairfax, C., & Carlton-LaNey, I. (2017). The significance of African-centered social work for social work practice. Journal of Human Behavior and the Social Environment. 16(1-2), 1-6

Bent-Goodley, I., Snell, C., & Carlton-LaNey, I. (2017). Black Perspectives and Social Work Practice. Journal of Human Behavior and the Social Environment. 27(1-2), 27-35

I.Carlton-LaNey, I. (2016). African American Pioneers of Urban Social Work. In R. Wells-Wilbon and H. Vakalahi (Eds.), Social Work Practice with African Americans in Urban Environments. NY: Springer Publishing, Co.

Presentations, Workshops and Media

WUNC “The State of Things – “Meet Iris Carlton-LaNey”—February 2018 (radio interview with Frank Stacio)

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