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Amy Levine

Clinical Assistant Professor

Amy Levine


Tate-Turner-Kuralt Building

Room 352

325 Pittsboro Street

Chapel Hill, NC 27599

O: 919-962-6419

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Amy Levine is a clinical assistant professor at the School of Social Work, where she serves in the field education program and teaches courses in child welfare and mental health. Amy has a practice background in both public and private child welfare services as well as mental health and has worked as an individual and family therapist and clinical supervisor.

Amy’s practice and research interests include trauma-informed models of care, child and adolescent mental health, and the intersection of child welfare and behavioral health services. Amy also does research and publication in the area of field education pedagogy and social justice in social work field education.

Degrees and Licenses

MSW, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
BA, Washington University in St. Louis

Primary Program

Field Education



Research and Professional Interests

Child Welfare Practice
Mental Health
Field Education

Other Projects

North Carolina Welfare Education Collaborative

Recent Publications

Murray-Lichtman, A. & Levine, A. (2019). Advancing social justice in field settings: What social work can learn from allied health professionals. Field Educator, 9.1

Levine, A. & Murray-Lichtman, A. (2018). Integrating social justice in field education. Field Educator, 8.1

Zuckerman, R., Levine, A., & Frey, J. (2017). Enhancing partnerships with field instructors: Identifying effective retention strategies. Field Educator, 7.1

Presentations, Workshops and Media

Practical Applications of Mindfulness Strategies to Support Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Effective treatment for Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Conduct Disorder

Social Justice in Field Settings: How Other Professions Integrate Social Justice Education, Interactive Workshop with Andrea Murray-Lichtman

Child Maltreatment Reporting and the Ethical Use of Professional Discretion

Integrating Social Justice in Field Education: Strategies for Success, Interactive Workshop with Andrea Murray-Lichtman


SOWO 523

Generalist Field Seminar 1

SOWO 524

Generalist Field Seminar 2

SOWO 860

Child Welfare Perspectives and Practice

SOWO 758

Differential Diagnosis of Mental Health Disorders

SOWO 769

Child and Adolescent Mental Health: Theory and Practice