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The COVID-19 pandemic has affected our academic community in many ways — disrupting our lives, affecting our physical and mental health, creating financial hardships, and limiting our academic pursuits.

UNC-Chapel Hill has established a CV19 Student Care Hub that provides information on campus operations, academic and personal resources for students, support for remote learning, and other immediate needs related to the pandemic. We encourage you to visit the CV19 Student Care Hub and explore the resources that are available from UNC-Chapel Hill.

For Fall 2020

UNC-Chapel Hill has established policies and practices specific to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our School follows these campuswide policies and practices. We encourage you to visit Carolina Together: The Roadmap for Fall 2020, where you will find complete details including community standards and university guidelines for the measures we must take to help reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission on our campus.

Here are a few examples of the many policies and practices that you’ll find on the Carolina Together website:

  • Face masks are required in all classroom settings and indoor common spaces (such as hallways and rest rooms).
  • UNC Libraries are offering a contactless pickup service throughout the fall 2020 semester.
  • Both indoor and outdoor events are limited to 25 or fewer individuals.
  • Chapel Hill Transit buses are limited to 10 passengers, and face masks are required.

Links on the Carolina Together website also provide access to COVID-19 resources from local government, FAQs, emails from the Chancellor and the Provost, and guidance on what you should do if you test positive for COVID-19.

Please explore the Carolina Together website to learn more about what you can expect on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus in fall 2020. These standards and guidelines are in effect throughout fall semester and may be continued if the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

Additional Information for Our School

The number and size of the classrooms within our School do not permit adequate social distancing for the number of MSW students we serve. Therefore, for fall 2020, UNC School of Social Work will deliver all MSW courses online exclusively, using Zoom and other resources. Please note that this is unique to our MSW programs. Our doctoral program will continue to have some on-campus courses as long as UNC-Chapel Hill remains open. Other programs across campus are offering a combination of on-campus and online courses, so if you are enrolled in any courses from any other professional schools at UNC-Chapel Hill, those courses could be on campus.

All of our programs will follow the UNC-Chapel Hill calendar for fall semester, which has been adjusted to provide an earlier start date, an earlier end date (by Thanksgiving), and the elimination of fall break.

Admitted and enrolled students receive emails directly from our Academic and Student Services team with detailed information about the COVID-19 response within our School. Please refer to these emails for specific guidelines that affect you as a student.