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Private Giving

Heart In Hands image Why Giving Matters

An investment in innovative research
Private donations to UNC’s School of Social Work contribute to the economic and social well-being of the people of North Carolina and beyond. Your dollars are an investment in ground-breaking research led by outstanding scholars who are seeking to solve some of society’s most pressing problems, including homelessness, addiction, domestic violence, and mental illness.

An investment in our communities
Your generous funding also helps us to recruit and retain some of this country’s best and brightest students, all of whom, in turn, give back to you and our state annually. Here’s how: Each academic year, our MSW students are placed in mostly unpaid internships in more than 250 government, nonprofit, and other human services agencies throughout North Carolina. These students are exposed to numerous career possibilities and receive hands-on experience working directly or indirectly with adults, children and families in need. Altogether, our students generally contribute to these agencies more than 130,000 hours, or an estimated value of $1.2 million.

An investment in our future
We understand how vital these dollars are, especially during tough economic times. More and more, we also face questions of how to do more with less, in part, because state recurring funds now account for just a third of the School of Social Work’s total budget. As a result, we are strengthening our efforts to develop more sustainable funding, including for scholarships to financially support our students, many of whom will graduate with an average of $30,000 debt.

At the School of Social Work, private giving of any amount is welcomed and valued. Your generous financial support is critical to our success and serves as the foundation for our teaching, research, and service.

You help us to prepare social workers to make a difference!

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