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Six of our faculty among 100 most influential social work journal authors

The British Journal of Social Work has published a study, "Influential Publications in Social Work Discourse: The 100 Most Highly Cited Articles in Disciplinary Journals: 2000-09," that includes six UNC School of Social Work faculty members.  The article appears in the Journal's July 7, 2011 issue.

The study surveyed 79 social work journals published during the past decade and identified the 100 most cited articles. The list includes:

#9 - Matthew Howard

Howard, M. O., McMillen, C. J., & Pollio, D. E. (2003). Teaching evidence-based practice: Toward a new paradigm for social work education. Research on Social Work Practice, 13, 234–59.

#21 - Paul Smokowski

Smokowski, P. R., & Kopasz, K. H. (2005). Bullying in school: An overview of types, effects, family characteristics, and intervention strategies. Children and Schools, 27, 101–10.

#66 - Dean Jack Richman, Gary Bowen, and adjunct faculty member Lawrence Rosenfeld

Rosenfeld, L. B., Richman, J. M., & Bowen, G. L. (2000). Social support networks and school outcomes: The centrality of the teacher. Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal, 17, 205–26.

#77 - Mark Fraser

Fraser, M. W. (2004). Intervention research in social work: Recent advances and continuing challenges. Research on Social Work Practice, 14, 210–22.

According to the article, the study's results "suggest that evidence-based practice/social work research plays a particularly important role in professional discourse."