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Faculty, students and alumni present at annual CSWE

UNC School of Social Work faculty members, students and alumni recently participated in the Council on Social Work Education’s (CSWE) 68th annual program meeting, “Leading Critical Conversations: Human Rights Are Global Rights,” which was hosted in Anaheim, Calif.

CSWE is the place where social work education professionals collaborate, learn, teach, and grow. Among those scheduled to present this year for the School included:

  • Whitley Harris and Miriam Madison: Belly Laughs, Grins, and Giggles: Humanizing Black Joy in the Social Work Classroom.
  • Daniel J. Gibbs and Paul Lanier: Data-Driven Decision-Making in Child Welfare: Frameworks and Ethical Considerations to Inform Education and Practice.
  • Neil Bilotta: ‘(Dis)respect’ and ‘Doing (No) Harm’: Refugees’ Perspectives on Social Work Ethics.
  • Siham Elkassem (Kings University College) and Andrea Murray-Lichtman: Embracing Critical Race Conscious Clinical Practice: An Anti-Racist Social Work Approach.
  • Sarah E. Bledsoe, Virginia Strand, Trenette Goings, Shelby Rimmler- Cohen, and Brooke Lombardi: Implementing Coursework on Common Trauma-Informed Practice Elements with a Racial Equity Focus.
  • Ramona Denby-Brinson, Angela Tobin (Provenzano), Amanda Klein- Cox, and Charlene Ingram (Child Welfare League of America): Kinship Families’ Experiences During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Stresses, Supports, and Resiliency.
  • Laurie Selz Campbell, Travis Albritton, and JP Przewoznik: Learning From the Wisdom of Mutual Aid: Implications for Social Work Education and Practice.
  • Amy Levine, Rebecca Brigham, April Parker, and Robin Sansing: Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall: Reflecting and Implementing Anti-Racist Practice in Field Education.
  • Jon. D. Phillips (UCONN), Daniel J. Gibbs, Elizabeth Jurczak (UCONN), and Kalah Villagrana (Arizona State): Providing Students and Professionals with a Conceptual Foundation and Empirical Justification for Cross-Systems Collaboration.
  • Andrea Murray-Lichtman and Siham Elkassem (Kings University College): Racism: A Global Health Problem With Implications in your Hometown.
  • Ramona Denby-Brinson, Charlene Ingram (Child Welfare League of America), Amanda Klein-Cox, and Angela Tobin (Provenzano): Safeguarding Family Connections: Kinship Caregivers’ Perceptions of and Experience with Shared Parenting.
  • Sarah E. Bledsoe, Anamika Barman- Adhikari (Denver University School of Social Work), Tonya Edmond (Washington University Brown School of Social Work), McClain Sampson (University of Houston School of Social Work), Tovahs Walsh (University of Wisconsin School of Social Work), and Sarah K. Price (Virginia Commonwealth University School of Social Work): The Impact of COVID-19 on Maternal Research Careers: Advancing Equity and Justice in Social Work Research.
  • Travis Albritton, JP Przewoznik, April Parker, and Amy Levine: Turning the Page: Dismantling Structural Racism in Social Work Field Education Placements
  • Melissa L. Villodas (George Mason University), Alexandria B. Forte, and Hayden C. Dawes: Unequal Beginnings: Responding to the Needs of Underrepresented Doctoral Students.