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School’s GiveUNC campaign to benefit student mental health and wellness


The School of Social Work will celebrate GiveUNC on Tuesday, March 29 – Carolina’s university-wide day of giving – with a special opportunity to support a new “Student Mental Health and Wellness Support Scholarship Fund.”

A portion of this fund, which was created in December 2021, aims to provide mental health and wellness services and peer support services to students in need. The fund was also created to offer scholarship support to students who intend to pursue a career in mental health.

Efforts to support students’ mental health wellness and their service to the mental health community have intensified since the start of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Now in its second year, the pandemic has affected so many individual lives. Students, in particular, have experienced greater levels of anxiety and more frequent feelings of loneliness and depression. The pandemic has also strengthened many students’ commitment to pursue social work mental health.

The Student Mental Health and Wellness Support Scholarship Fund was created to support these needs and career focus. Since last year, about $70,000 has already been raised to support students!

We are proud that donations received during this year’s GiveUNC campaign will further benefit this fund and strengthen our School’s ability to serve the needs of our students and through their service, the mental health needs of our community.

In the coming weeks leading up to March 29, we plan to highlight the importance of mental health wellness, not only at our School but across the country, through a broad social media campaign. Please join us and spread the word and help us to reach our goal!

To contribute on GiveUNC day, please visit UNC School of Social Work’s online giving site on March 29 and click on “Top Funds” to designate your gift. Thank you for your generosity and support!