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Six receive Staff Impact Awards for 2021

Six staff members at UNC School of Social Work were honored with Staff Impact Awards for 2021. Dean Gary Bowen presented the awards on Feb. 25 during a meeting of the School’s Faculty Senate.

The recipients and their awards are listed here, along with excerpts from their nominations:

Tiffany Carver, “Above and Beyond”
This award recognizes a staff member who goes beyond the call of duty to get the job done. Carver is an administrative support specialist with Academic & Student Affairs.

Tiffany contributes to our school in numerous ways … she is a person that gets work done and then some! She gives her opinions to better our School and represents our School on a larger scale as secretary of the UNC Employee Forum.

Andy Chrismon and Jim Griffith, “Backbone”
This award recognizes a staff member who is integral to school operations. Chrismon is the facility manager for the School, and Griffith is a system analyst with the Computer Information & Technology Unit.

Andy has been incredible this year getting our building prepared to safely navigate COVID. He has worked many hours alone in the building — always positive and helpful. Andy has consistently been willing to help with anything needed, whether it was part of his scope as a building manager or not.

Jimmy has helped me on many occasions, troubleshooting problems with my computer and helping navigate how to plan complicated data security systems. It’s not just that he has the skills to help — it’s HOW he helps. He is always reliable, patient, kind, friendly and positive.

Teresa Kidd, “Behind the Scenes”
This award recognizes a staff member who quietly gets the job done, exhibiting reliability and grace. Kidd is an accounting technician with Administrative Services.

Teresa is my go-to person. She is always willing to help with anything — others do not have a clue [about] the workload she manages each day. I want everyone to be aware of what a great asset she is to the School.

Carol Ann Hincy, “Positivity”
This award recognizes a staff member who is upbeat and exhibits a can-do attitude. Hincy is the office manager for Field Education.

Carol Ann exemplifies positivity. She began her new position the week [UNC went on lockdown for COVID-19] and needed to learn every aspect remotely. Carol Ann has navigated this with grace, curiosity, and kindness. She is never daunted by a problem. She simply figures it out, always with confidence and a smile.

Karen Kornegay, “Esprit de Corps”
This award recognizes a staff member who fosters morale and helps build a sense of community. Kornegay is the communications director for the School.

Karen fosters community by her work on the website and general emails that lift our morale. She has kept our social media pages active; it is always fun staying up-to-date with the happenings at our School.

“We had 60 nominations,” said Rebecca Brigham, chair of the awards committee. “It has been such a difficult year for the students, staff, and faculty … yet I am reminded of the creativity of the human spirit when I read about [these] successes!”