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Faculty, students to present at annual CSWE Conference in Denver, Colo.

UNC School of Social Work faculty members and students are scheduled to participate in the Council on Social Work Education’s (CSWE) annual program meeting in Denver, Colo., Oct. 24-27. This year’s theme is “Social Work Education: Looking Back, Looking Forward.”

UNC faculty members and students among those scheduled to present include:

  • Rebecca Brigham with Estella Williamson (Seattle University), JoAnn McFall (Michigan State University) and Sandra Posada (CSWE Council on Field Education): Opening Panel Presentation: Social Work  Field Education—Looking Back, Looking Forward
  • Todd Jensen and Rebecca Brigham: Field Evaluation Instruments Designed to Measure Social Work Competencies:  A Psychometric Analysis
  • Kiva Jordan, Lucia Opara, Sarah Derr, and Danita Horton: Navigating Microaggressions in the Graduate Classroom: The First-Year Experience
  • Robin Sansing and Rebecca Brigham: Are They Ready? Helping Field Agencies Provide Affirming Experiences to Trans-Identified Students
  • Lisa de Saxe Zerden, Amy Levine, and Meryl Kanfer: Integrated Field and Collaborative Opportunities for MSW Students at Campus Student Health
  • Travis Albritton, Andrea Murray-Lichtman, Tauchiana Williams and Iris Carlton-LaNey: Teaching Race, Talking Race: Critical Race Theory and the Social Work Classroom
  • Tauchiana Williams, Andrea Murray-Lichtman, Travis Albritton and Iris Carlton-LaNey: Facilitating Difficult Conversations in the Classroom: Overcoming Barriers With Strategies for Success
  • Lisa de Saxe Zerden, Rebecca Brigham, Sarah Naylor and Sharon Thomas: Utilizing Technical Standards as a New Tool for Gatekeeping in Field Education
  • Ronni Zuckerman, Amy Levine, and Karon F. Johnson:  Preparing Next Generation Social Workers Using a Multidimensional Coursework-Field Integration Model
  • Nora Simmons, Mariah Cowell, Debbie Barrett and Travis Albritton: Student and School Collaboration Toward Community Based Partnerships: A Latinx Teach-in
  • Marilyn Ghezzi: Using “Real” Plays to Teach Clinical Practice:  A Transformative Learning Experience
  • Erum Agha with Sarah Richards-Desai (University at Buffalo, State University of New York): Cultural Humility in Group Work With Resettled Refugee Women
  • Mariah Cowell, Robin Sansing and Tonya Van Deinse: The State of Macro Education: A Comparison of Curriculum across MSW Programs
  • Andrea Murray-Lichtman and Amy Levine: Field Education Reimagined: Responding to Emerging Trends in Education and Community Practice