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Recent publications

Associate professor Lisa de Saxe Zerden, and Ph.D. graduates Briana Lombardi and Erica Richman
de Saxe Zerden, L., Lombardi, B. M. & Richman, E. L. (2019). Social workers on the interprofessional integrated team: Elements of team integration and barriers to practice. Advance online publication. Journal of Interprofessional Education & Practice.

Lombardi, B. M., de Saxe Zerden, L. & Richman, E. L. (2019). Where are social workers co-located with primary care physicians? Advance online publication. Social Work in Health Care. doi: 10.1080/00981389.2019.1659907

Professor Kim Strom-Gottfried
Strom-Gottfried, K. J. (2019). Ethical action in challenging times. In S.M. Marson and R. E. McKinney (eds). The Routledge Handbook of Social Work Ethics and Values. New York: Routledge.

Associate professor Paul Lanier and research associate Kanisha Brevard
Sokol, R., Austin, A., Chandler, C., Byrum, E., Bousquette, J., Lancaster, C., Doss, G., Dotson, A.,  Urbaeva, V., Singichetti, B., Brevard, K., Wright, S. T.,  Lanier, P., & Meghan Shanahan (2019). Screening children for social determinants of health: A systematic review. Pediatrics.