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Recent publications

Ph.D. student Laurie Graham, assistant professor Cindy Fraga Rizo and Professor Rebecca Macy
Graham, L. M., Sahay, K. M., Rizo, C. F., Messing, J. T., & Macy, R. J. (in press). The validity and reliability of available intimate partner homicide and re-assault risk assessment tools: A systematic review. Trauma, Violence, & Abuse.

Ph.D. ’14 graduate Sarah Dababnah and assistant professor Cindy Fraga Rizo
Dababnah, S., Rizo, C. F., Campion, K., Downton, K. D., & Nichols, H. M. (2018). The relationship between children’s exposure to intimate partner violence and intellectual and developmental disabilities: A systematic review of the literature. American Journal on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, 123(6), 529-544. doi: 10.1352/1944-7558-123.6.529

Assistant professor David Ansong, associate professor Gina Chowa, assistant professor Rainier Masa, Ph.D. ’15 graduate Mathieu Despard, and Ph.D. ’17 graduate Shiyou Wu
Ansong, D., Chowa, G., Masa, R., Despard, M., Sherraden, M., Wu, S. & Osei‑Akoto, I. (2018). Effects of youth savings accounts on school attendance and academic performance: Evidence from a youth savings experiment. Journal of Family and Economic Issues.

Assistant professor David Ansong, doctoral student Sarah Rabiner Eisensmith and associate professor Gina Chowa
Ansong, D., Eisensmith, S. R., Okumu, M., & Chowa, G. (2019). The importance of self-efficacy and educational aspirations for academic achievement in resource-limited countries: Evidence from Ghana. Journal of Adolescence, 70, 13-23.

Research assistant professor Joy Stewart
Finigan-Carr, N. M., Johnson, M. H., Pullmann, M. D., Stewart, C. J., & Fromknecht, A. E. (2018). A traumagenic social ecological framework for understanding and intervening with sex trafficked children and youth. Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal. doi:10.1007/s10560-018-0588-7

Research professor Kirsten Kainz, research associate Todd Jensen and professor Sheryl Zimmerman
Kainz, K., Jensen, T. & Zimmerman, S. (2018). Cultivating a research tool kit for social work doctoral education. Journal of Social Work Education. Advanced online publication.