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Recent publications

Research associate Todd Jensen and Dean Gary L. Bowen
Jensen, T., & Bowen, G. (2017). The prevention of family maltreatment among airmen: A focus on personal resilience. Journal of Family Social Work. Advance online publication. doi: 10.1080/10522158.2017.1410270

Assistant professor Melissa Lippold
Lippold, M. A., Hussong, A., Fosco, G., & Ram, N. (in press). Lability in the parent’s hostility and warmth towards their adolescent: Linkages to youth delinquency and substance use. Developmental Psychology.
Cox, M. J., Ennett, S. T., Foshee, V. A., Hussong, A. M., Lippold, M. A., & McNaughton-Reyes, H. L. (in press). Bidirectional relationships between alcohol-specific parental socialization behaviors and adolescent alcohol misuse. Substance Use and Misuse.

Assistant professor Melissa Lippold, research professor Kirsten Kainz and Ph.D. student Elaina Sabatine
Lippold, M. A., Kainz, K., & Sabatine, E. (2017). Using advanced quantitative methods to study the prevention of social problems. British Journal of Social Work, 47, 2165-2169.
Sabatine, E., Lippold, M. A., & Kainz, K. (2017). The unique and interactive effects of parent and school bonds on adolescent delinquency. Applied Developmental Science, 53, 54- 63.

Assistant professor Will Hall
Hall, W. J. (2018). Psychosocial risk and protective factors for depression among lesbian, gay, bisexual, and queer youth: A systematic review.  Journal of Homosexuality, 65, 263-316. doi:10.1080/00918369.2017.1317467
Hall, W. J., Witkemper, K. D., Rodgers, G. K., Waters, E., & Smith, M. R. (2017). Activating adult allies from a rural community on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer issues in school using photovoice. Journal of Gay and Lesbian Social Services.

Clinical associate professor Lisa Zerden, doctoral candidate Brianna Lombardi, professor Mark Fraser, clinical professor Anne Jones and MSW alumna Yazmin Garcia Rico
de Saxe Zerden, L., Lombardi, B. M., Fraser, M. W., Jones, A. & Garcia Rico, Y. (2017). Social work: Integral to inter professional education and integrated practice. Journal of Interprofessional Education & Practice, 67-75. doi:

Assistant professor Rain Masa and associate professor Gina Chowa
Masa, R., & Chowa, G. (in press). Food security of people living with HIV: A review of programs and evidence in resource-limited settings. HIV & AIDS Review.

Assistant professor Paul Lanier
Lanier, P. (2017). Final evaluation report: Enhancing social supp0rt for low-income fathers. Retrieved from the Fatherhood, Research & Practice Network website: