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Recent publications

Associate professor Betsy Bledsoe
Grady, M. D., Wike, T., Putzu, C., Field, S., Hill, J., Bledsoe, S. E., Bellamy, J. & Massey, M. (2017). Recent social work practitioners’ understanding and use of evidence-based practice and empirically supported treatments. Advance online publication. Journal of Social Work Education.

Assistant professor Paul Lanier
Feely, M., Seay, K., Lanier, P., Auslander, W., & Kohl, P. (in press). Measuring fidelity in research studies: A field guide to developing a comprehensive fidelity measurement system. Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal.

Clinical associate professor Lisa Zerden, doctoral student Brianna Lombardi and Ph.D. graduate Erica Richman
Richman, E. L., Lombardi, B. M. & de Saxe Zerden, L. (2017). Invited commentary: The accountable care workforce: Bridging the health divide in North Carolina. Advance online publication. North Carolina Medical Journal, 78(4).

Clinical associate professor Lisa Zerden
Zomorodi, M., Zerden, L. D., Alexander, L., Nance-Floyd, B., & Byerley, J. S (in press). Impact of an interprofessional population health course and clinical immersion experience: Students and practice outcomes. Journal of Interprofessional Education and Practice.