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Recent publications

Assistant professor Rachel Woodson Goode
Goode, R. W., Styn, M. A., Mendez, D. D, and Gary-Webb, T (2017). African-Americans in standard behavioral treatment for obesity, 2001-2015:  What have we learned? Western Journal of Nursing, 39 (8), 1045-1069.

Assistant professor Paul Lanier
Parrish, J. W., Shanahan, M. E., Schnitzer, P. G., Lanier, P., Danierls, J. L. & Marshall, S. W. (in press). Quantifying sources of bias in longitudinal data linkage studies of child abuse and neglect: Measuring impact of outcome specification, linkage error, and partial cohort follow-up. Injury Epidemiology.

Assistant professor Rainier Masa and associate professor Gina Chowa
Masa, R., Chowa, G., & Nyirenda, V. (in press). Chuma na Uchizi: A livelihood intervention to increase food security of people living with HIV in rural Zambia. Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved.

Clinical associate professor Mary Ann Salmon and MSW graduate Jie Lang
Yang, J., Chu, Y. & Salmon, M. A. (2017). Predicting perceived isolation among midlife and older LGBT adults: The role of welcoming aging service providers. The Gerontologist. Advance online publication. doi:

Clinical associate professor Lisa Zerden, clinical professor Anne Jones, clinical associate professor Rebecca Brigham, UNC-PrimeCare coordinator Meryl Kanfer, and clinical associate professor Meg Zomorodi
Zerden. L., Jones, A., Brigham, R., Kanfer, M. & Zomorodi, M. (2017). Infusing integrated behavioral health in an MSW program: Curricula, field, and interprofessional educational activities. Journal of Social Work Education.