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Recent publications

Ph.D. student Stefani Baca-Atlas
Michalopoulos, L. T. M., Baca-Atlas, S. N., Simona, S. J., Jiwatram-Negrón, T., Ncube, A. & Chery, M. B. (2017). “Life at the river is a living hell:” a qualitative study of trauma, mental health, substance use and HIV risk behavior among female fish traders from the Kafue Flatlands in Zambia. BMC Women’s Health. doi:10.1186/s12905-017-0369-z

Professors Din Chen and Mark Fraser
Chen, D. G. & Fraser, M. (in press). A Bayesian perspective on intervention research: Using prior information in the development of social and health programs. Journal of Society of Social Work and Research.
Chen, D. G. & Fraser, M. (in press). A Bayesian approach to sample size estimation and the decision to continue program development in intervention research. Journal of Society of Social Work and Research.

Ph.D. candidate Todd Jensen and assistant professor Melissa Lippold
Jensen, T. M., Lippold, M. A., Mills-Koonce, R. & Fosco, G. M. (2017). Stepfamily relationship quality and children’s internalizing and externalizing problems. Advance online publication. Family Process. doi:10.1111/famp.12284

Assistant professor Rainier Masa and associate professor Gina Chowa
Masa, R., & Chowa, G. (in press). A multi-level conceptual framework to understand the role of food insecurity on antiretroviral therapy adherence in low-resource settings: From theory to practice. Social Work in Public Health.
Masa, R., Chowa, G., & Nyirenda, V. (in press). Barriers and facilitators of antiretroviral therapy adherence in rural Eastern Province, Zambia: The role of household economic status. African Journal of AIDS Research.

Ph.D. candidate Shiyou Wu and associate professor Gina Chowa
Wu, S., Despard, M., & Chowa, G. (2017). The role of parents in introducing children to financial services: Evidence from Ghana-YouthSave. Advance online publication. Journal of Family and Economic Issues. doi:10.1007/s10834-017-9519-6

Ph.D. candidate Shiyou Wu and professor Mimi Chapman
An, Q., Wu, S., Chapman, M. V., & Wu, Q.  (2017). Culture and context in Chinese field supervision: A case study from Shanghai. Asia Pacific Journal of Social Work and Development.