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Faculty, staff and student briefs

Assistant Professor Paul Lanier was recently elected to the Board of Directors of the North Carolina chapter of American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children and served as the state liaison at the 24th annual national colloquium in New Orleans in June. During the conference, Lanier and Ph.D. student Laurie Graham presented: “Sexual Abuse Case Substantiation among Latino/a Children: A Multilevel Model with Implications for Prevention” and “Latino/a Children Reported to the Child Welfare System for Sexual Abuse.” Lanier also delivered a research presentation “Exploring the Role of Stigma on Parental Engagement in VGrhamaoluntary Services.”

Assistant Professor Latoya Small attended the First Annual Conference on Child Behavioral Health in Sub-Saharan Africa in Kampala, Uganda, July 12-15. Small was selected as a 2016 Global Behavioral Health Fellow.

Ph.D. candidate Candace Killian-Farrell was awarded a T-32 Post Doctoral Fellowship with the Carolina Institute for Developmental Disabilities. The two-year training fellowship is funded by the National Institutes of Health. Killian-Farrell’s project—”Fronto-Limbic Dysregulation, Stress Vulnerability, and Negative Symptoms in Children and Adolescents At Risk for Psychosis”—will examine the impact of acute and chronic stress on brain development, neurocognitive and clinical outcomes in children and adolescents at risk for psychosis. She is working on the project with her mentor, Dr. Aysenil Belger at the UNC School of Medicine and the Duke-UNC Brain Imaging and Analysis Center.

Ph.D. candidate Jennifer O’Brien was awarded the Fahs-Beck Research and Experimentation Fund (Fahs-Beck Scholar) and the NASW Eileen Blackey Fellowship (Eileen Blackey Fellow) for her doctoral dissertation research. Her dissertation will explore the risk factors, protective factors, and identification practices of child welfare-involved sex trafficking survivors.

Ph.D. student Shiyou Wu was awarded a travel grant from the Carolina Population Center to attend the 2016 Add Health User Conference at the National Institutes of Health campus in Bethesda, Md., where he delivered the presentation “Household Financial Assets and Health Disparities Among Adults.”

Professor Kim Strom-Gottfried delivered the keynote address, “Authentic Leadership and Role Conflicts,” at FEEL2016, the 4th international conference on ethical leadership, which is held annually in Slovenia and attended by various academic scholars, government officials and business leaders. Strom-Gottfried also delivered a day-long workshop and lectures on ethics and boundaries in social work at the Faculty for Social Work at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia. The event attracted social workers from across Slovenia, graduate social work students and exchange students from a number of European countries. Strom-Gottfried also presented separate lectures on ethics in social work for a group of undergraduate students.

Upcoming AHEC Presentations

  • July 29 –  Depression and Suicide in Children and Adolescents – Jodi Flick
  • July 29 –  Anxiety and Panic in Children and Adolescents – Audrina Jones Bunton


  • Sept. 21 –Working with Transgender Individuals: Clinical Implications – Terri Phoenix, M. Avrey Cook and Echo Meyer

Annual Children’s Services State of the Art Conference:

  • Aug. 25 – The Ethics of Practice with Minors – Kim Strom-Gottfried
  • Aug. 25 – Ethical Practice in Supervision – Kim Strom-Gottfried
  • Aug. 25 – Brain Development and Effects of Maltreatment, and Keeping Yourself Safe from Client Violence – Jodi Flick
  • Aug. 25 – Child Maltreatment Reporting and the Ethical Use of Professional Discretion – Tara Bohley
  • Aug. 26 – Depression and Suicide in Children and Adolescents – Jodi Flick
  • Aug. 26 – Understanding Autism: The Impact of Emotional Regulation Issues and Social Cognitive Challenges on Behavior and Academics – Sherry Mergner
  • Aug. 26 – Emotional Abuse of Children – Joanne Caye


  • Oct. 25 – 2016 NC Mental Health, Substance Use & Aging Conference: Building Momentum & Capacity to Address Older Adult Mental Health & Substance Use in North Carolina

More information on AHEC programs.