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Strom-Gottfried receives NASW’s Excellence in Ethics Award

Professor Kim Strom-Gottfried is the recipient of the Excellence in Ethics Award, from the National Association of Social Workers’ Office of Ethics and Professional Review. She was a guest of honor at the 55th Anniversary of the NASW Code of Ethics luncheon on Oct. 23 in Washington, D.C., held in conjunction with the NASW 60th Anniversary event, where she was presented the award.

In presenting the award, Dawn Hobdy, director of the Office of Ethics and Professional Review, said:

“You have made some of the most important contributions to NASW and the social work profession through your research, teachings and publications, and you’ve done so quietly and powerfully. To date, yours is the only official research that NASW can pull when asked about the most common standards addressed though the NASW professional review process. That research is invaluable and we’re thankful for it.”

Strom-Gottfried is the Smith P. Theimann Distinguished Professor for Ethics and Professional Practice at the UNC School of Social Work. She teaches in the areas of direct practice, education, and human resource management. Her scholarly interests involve ethics, moral courage, and social work education, and she has written over 60 articles, monographs and chapters on ethics and practice.