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Faculty, staff and students help South Carolina social work students affected by flooding

In October, catastrophic flooding in South Carolina left many people devastated, without homes and jobs.

Associate Professor Sarah (Betsy) Bledsoe keeps in touch with Anna Scheyett, the dean at the University of South Carolina College of Social Work — a former UNC School of Social Work faculty member, and an alumna. Bledsoe learned that there were College of Social Work students who lost everything, and that many others have lost jobs due to local businesses closing.

“Charity begins at home,” thought Bledsoe, who saw an opportunity where UNC School of Social Work faculty, staff and students would be able to help. Scheyett said that they could use Visa gift cards to help students, as she would able to distribute gift cards quickly to those most in need.

Collection jars were placed in the UNC School of Social Work for about a week, and a total of $330 in gift cards and cash were donated by faculty, staff and students. “All cash raised was used to purchase gift cards that will go directly to the USC social work students,” said Bledsoe.

If you would like to contribute, Visa gift card donations may be sent to:
Dr. Anna Scheyett
College of Social Work
University of South Carolina
Columbia, SC 29208