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Magee presents Refugee Wellness research in Toronto

Final-year MSW/MPH student Erin Magee presented a poster at the North American Refugee Conference in Toronto in June. It is entitled, “Refugee Wellness: A pilot test in screening and treating emotional distress in refugees.”

The poster is based on research led by Clinical Assistant Professor Josh Hinson through the UNC Global Transmigration – Refugee Mental Health and Wellness Initiative (Refugee Wellness), a project of the UNC School of Social Work.

Refugee Wellness was Magee’s field placement during her foundation year (’13-’14), and the research was completed and the poster written with the input of fellow students Abbie Heffelfinger, Laura Garlock, Allison Hill, and Albert Thrower (MSW ’14).

Magee received a travel award from the UNC School of Social Work to fund the trip.