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Faculty briefs

Clinical Assistant Professor Worth Bolton was honored by the North Carolina Substance Abuse Professional Practice Board at its meeting on June 12 in Greensboro with a special recognition for his years of dedicated service to the board and his commitment to the field of alcohol and other drug abuse treatment and prevention. Bolton helped establish the board in 1978 and twice served as chair. Bolton is a faculty member in the School of Social Work’s Behavioral Healthcare Resource Program and the coordinator of our Certificate in Substance Abuse Studies Program.

Assistant Professor Melissa Lippold received an R03 award from the National Institutes of Health for her project, “Lability in Parenting During Middle School and Early Adolescent Substance Use.” This study investigates how fluctuations in parenting during middle school, which they term parenting “lability,” relate to youth substance use and other risky behaviors; and parent and child characteristics that predict more lability in parenting. This study will inform prevention efforts by revealing how lability in parenting affects early adolescent substance use and other risky behaviors.

Clinical Assistant Professor Bebe Smith was a speaker at a kickoff event for the Critical Time Intervention program on May 20 at the McKimmon Center. The event brought together leaders from NC DMHDDSAS, NC DMA, behavioral health managed care organizations and provider organizations from mental health, criminal justice and homeless services. There will be at least five new CTI teams starting up in North Carolina as soon as July. Smith will be working with BHRP to assist NC DMHDDSAS in developing dissemination strategies for CTI in the state, including the development of a CTI learning community and strategies to help new teams maintain fidelity to this evidence-based practice. Read more about the expansion of CTI.

Professor Kim Strom-Gottfried presented two sessions at the European Conference for Social Work Research in Ljubljana, Slovenia in April. She did a preconference institute on ethics with Dr. Sarah Banks (Durham University, UK) and Prof. Ed DeJonge (Utrecht University, Netherlands), facilitated by Dr. Ana Sobocan of the University of Ljubljana. During the conference, she presented a paper with Melinda Manning (MSW ’15) on “Accountability Strategies for Professional Misconduct.”

In May, Strom-Gottfried was a keynote speaker at the NASW-NJ Annual Conference in Atlantic City, presenting on moral courage to an audience of 800.

Professor Mark Testa delivered the keynote address on May 6 at a North Carolina Family Impact Seminar sponsored by the Duke Center for Child and Family Policy. The seminar’s theme was, “Helping Kids in Foster Care Succeed: Strategies for North Carolina to Strengthen Families and Save Money.” Testa’s presentation was entitled, “Wicked Problems of Child Welfare: North Carolina Problems, North Carolina Solutions.”

AHEC presentations by faculty

Greensboro AHEC
June 5 – Ethical Practice in the Digital Age – Tina Souders
June 22 – CBT for Substance Use Disorders – Marty Weems

June 19 – Adolescent Substance Use – Trenette Clark

South East AHEC
June 2 – Microagression and Ethics – Theresa Palmer 

Southern Regional AHEC
June 23 – Suicide: Prevention, Intervention and Aftermath – Jodi Flick 

June 5 – Managing Risk Through Ethical Practice – Kim Strom-Gottfried 

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