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Evans named Outstanding Doctoral Student

Caroline (Carey) Robertson Evans, Ph.D. ’15, is the recipient of this year’s Outstanding Doctoral Student Award.

Evans received a B.S. in Psychology from Trinity College, and an MSW from Smith College. She entered our doctoral program in 2011.

Evans’ research is focused on bullying and victimization, and she is a fellow with the North Carolina Academic Center for Excellence in Youth Violence Prevention.

“She is vigorously leading the way in examining unique risk factors connected to bystander behavior, and her ultimate career goals include pilot testing anti-bullying interventions,” Paul Smokowski, chair of her dissertation committee, wrote in her nomination. “Because bullying and relational aggression are the most common forms of youth violence affecting the lives of 40% of children as victims, perpetrators, or bystanders, Dr. Evans’s work has very high potential to positively impact society.”

During her tenure as a doctoral student, Carey authored 22 journal articles, including one with Associate Professor Mimi Chapman that was featured as a spotlight article by the American Psychological Association Journals Program. “This level of accomplishment is more typical of an assistant professor than a doctoral student,” said Zimmerman.

Evans is also known for being supportive of her fellow doctoral students, and generously giving of herself and her time.

A faculty member wrote in their nomination letter, “Carey is a remarkably accomplished student, and she is the most able leader I’ve ever seen at this level. With irresistible enthusiasm and tenacity, she has swept through our Ph.D. courses and energized her fellow students to work together. I have never seen a single student have such an impact on others. She is one of the most capable students with whom I have worked.”

Evans was presented her award in May at the doctoral program graduation reception, by Sheryl Zimmerman, associate dean for doctoral education.