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New publications by faculty and doctoral students

Associate Professor Mimi Chapman and Doctoral Candidate Caroline Evans:
Evans, C. B. R. & Chapman, M. V. (2014). Bullied youth: The impact of bullying through lesbian, gay, and bisexual name calling. American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, 84(6), 644-652. Retrieved from

Assistant Professor Melissa Lippold:
Fosco, G., Lippold, M. A., & Feinberg, M. (2014). Interparental boundary problems, parent–adolescent hostility, and adolescent–parent hostility: A family process model for adolescent aggression problems. Couple and Family Psychology: Research and Practice, 3, 141-155.

Lippold, M. A., Coffman, D. M., & Greenberg, M. T. (2014). Investigating the potential causal relationship between parental knowledge and youth risky behavior: A propensity score analysis. Prevention Science, 15, 869-878.

Lippold, M. A., Greenberg, M. T., Graham, J. W., & Feinberg, M. E. (2014). Unpacking the association between parental monitoring and youth risky behavior: Mediation by parental knowledge and moderation by parent-youth warmth. The Journal of Family Issues, 35, 1800-1823.

Assistant Professor Paul Lanier:
Lanier, P., Maguire-Jack, K., & Welch, H. (in press). A nationally representative study of early childhood home visiting service use in the United States. Maternal and Child Health Journal.

Doctoral Students Wen Li and Jennifer O’Brien, Assistant Professor Susan Snyder and Professor Matthew Howard:
Li, W., O’Brien, J. E., Snyder, S. M., & Howard, M. O. (in press). Characteristics of Internet addiction/pathological Internet use in U.S. university students: A mixed-methods investigation. Plos One.

Assistant Professor Susan Snyder and Rachel Smith, MSW ’14:
Snyder, S. M. & Smith, R. E. (in press). The influence of school engagement on counts of delinquent behaviors among maltreated youth. Children & Schools.