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Faculty and students present at CSWE annual meeting

A number of UNC School of Social Work faculty and students participated in the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) annual program meeting in Tampa, Fla., Oct. 23-26. This year’s theme was “Advancing Social Work Education.”

Presenters included:

Rebecca Brigham, Ronni Zuckerman, and doctoral student Tonya VanDeinse, presented a workshop, “Meeting Complex Challenges of Field Education:  Evaluation of the Field Unit Model.”

Mat Despard and Lisa Zerden presented their paper, “Finding Jobs and Using Macro Skills: Results from Recent MSW Graduates.”

Mark Fraser presented to the Social Work Librarians Association, on “Scholarly Publication in Social Work Journals: The Journal of the Society for Social Work and Research.”

Marilyn Ghezzi presented a workshop, “Relationship is the Key: Common Factors and Clinical Supervision.”

Josh Hinson and MSW student Laura Garlock presented, “Field Education in Refugee Mental Health as Social Innovation and Engaged Scholarship.”

Doctoral candidate Candace Killian-Farrell and doctoral student Jennifer O’Brien presented a workshop, “A New Biopsychosocial Model: How to Integrate Neurodevelopmental Concepts Into Social Work Education.”

O’Brien and Cynthia Fraga presented, “Substance Use Among Justice and/or CPS-involved IPV Survivors: A Qualitative Study.”

Doctoral candidate Qi Wu, doctoral student Shiyou Wu and Rebecca Macy presented, “How are Social Work Educators Responding to 2008 EPAS? A Systematic Review.”