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Second edition of professional ethics book by Strom-Gottfried is published

The second edition of Professor Kim Strom-Gottfried‘s book, Straight Talk about Professional Ethics, has been published by Lyceum Books.

How does one make the right choices when faced with ethical dilemmas? Social service professionals use a unique set of principles to guide their decisions within a broad and complex array of situations. Straight Talk about Professional Ethics, Second Edition provides readers with the guidelines that will help them make decisions in a manner that is clinically and ethically effective.

This book explains the seven core concepts that guide ethical practice in the helping professions: self-determination, informed consent, competence, confidentiality and privacy, attention to conflicts of interest, maintenance of professional boundaries, and professionalism and integrity. Developing a commitment to the ethics of a profession and an understanding of how those ethics apply to commonly occurring workplace situations is a major element of professional preparation.

Features of the book include:

  • Case examples of dilemmas drawn from various practice settings and professional roles;
  • Framework for examining, evaluating, and addressing ethical dilemmas;
  • In-depth look at the various areas of ethics;
  • Practical guidance and sound resources; and
  • A discussion of what it means to be ethical.

The book is available from Amazon.

Strom-Gottfried is the Smith P. Theimann Distinguished Professor of Ethics and Professional Practice at the UNC School of Social Work. Her scholarly interests include ethics, moral courage, and social work education. She is active in training, consultation, and research on ethics and social work practice. She has written numerous articles, monographs, and chapters on the ethics of practice. Visit her Moral Courage blog.