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Jensen works to end mental health stigma at Carolina

Doctoral student Todd Jensen, a Royster Fellow, is a co-founder of a new campus initiative called Stigma Free Carolina. The project is focused on ending mental health stigma at UNC.

Stigma Free Carolina began in mid-August with an initiative that gives members of the Carolina community the opportunity to photograph themselves holding signs with messages of support related to mental health. Participants can then submit photos through social media to be used on various campus platforms as well as the campaign website.

The campaign has grown to include everything from trainings and community education to a comprehensive website that provides information about mental health resources at the University.

The committee has also planned a speaker panel, sponsored by the Graduate School, to be held at the Carolina Inn on Oct. 6 at 5:30 p.m.

“We hope to see all UNC community members come to realize that this is a supportive community – a place where we can talk about mental health and seek out the services we might need without worrying about others thinking less of us,” Jensen said.

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