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Students present their group evaluation project posters

Students in Cynthia F. Rizo and Paul Lanier‘s Evaluations of Social Interventions (SOWO 810) courses presented their group evaluation projects during two poster presentation sessions on April 28 and 29. The sessions were held in the School’s 5th floor break room during lunchtime and pizza was provided, giving a celebratory feel to the event. Faculty, staff and other students gathered to see the students’ hard work, and learned more about the impact our students are having in the community.

Awards were given to two projects in each session, the Social Work Impact Award and the Scientific Rigor Award.

The posters presented on April 28 were:

1. “Action Alerts: A Brief Evaluation of the Salsa Platform for Online Advocacy,” by Deborah Hughes, Elizabeth Queen and Jennie Wilburn

2. “A Pilot Study of Critical Time Intervention in North Carolina,” by Stephanie Haik Clark, Annie Peacock and Joanna Fullmer

3. “Signs of Safety Process Evaluation: Program Implementation in Wilson County Child Protective Services,” by Ron Hunt, Elizabeth Jones, Ellen Ruebush, Scott Sabatino and Shannon Spillane

4. “Access to Adequate Medical Care among Patients with Severe Depression who Discontinue from an Academic Center Internal Medicine Clinic: A Needs Assessment,” by Gary S. Grubb

5. “Evaluation of the Substance Abuse Certificate Program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,” by Tara Conrad, Alexandra Fox, Eiman Henson, Terra Hodge and Jeremy Moore

6. “Cross-Sectional Process Evaluation to Examine SHAC Social Work Volunteers’ Preparedness to Work with Latino/a Patients” by Julie Anderson, Daniel Ham, Erin Conroy and Ali Brown Pinkerton (Scientific Rigor Award Winner)

7. “Democracy Summer: A Process & Outcome Evaluation of Democracy North Carolina’s College Internship Program,” by Jamie Alongi, Anthony J. Maglione and Mawiyah Patten.

8. “Northside Neighborhood Home Repair Needs Assessment Survey: An Examination of Repair Needs and Resident Strengths,” by Kai Schwartz

9. “The Seven Challenges Process Evaluation Report,” by Lauren Brookshire, Olivia Brown, Bryant Campbell, Sonya Deulina and Denea Sellars

10. “Pediatric Hospice Services in the Research Triangle Region of North Carolina: A Needs Assessment” by Dean Fox, Laura Jasmine, Caroline Oxford and Louisa Sloan (Social Work Impact Award Winner)

11. “An Assessment of Housing Stability Among ACTT Clients in Wake and Durham Counties,” by Crystal Barnes, Pete Cianci, Michael Holsten and Tamara Wilson

12. “Recidivism in Child Welfare,” by Jessa Batson, Allison Blue, Lena Harris and Alyssa Savino

13. “Finding Housing and Employment After Aging Out: Perspectives of North Carolina Foster Youth,” by Jasmine Harris, SheNita Magnum, Christy Pope, Brendan Rice and Melissa Saunders

14. “Evaluation of Parent University,” by Jamie Blasko, Matt Broyles, Kathryn Kevin and Lindsay Royek

15. “Perceived Barriers Preventing Drug-abusing Women from Entering Residential Treatment Lasting 6-12 Months,” by Priya Chelladurai, Natasha Holt, Sierra Spellmon and Heidi Woodgeard

The posters presented on April 29 were:

1. “LINKS: A Process Evaluation of Wake County Human Services’ Foster Care Independence Program,” by Melissa McDonald, Hilary Cissokho, Rachel Levy and Jessica Zollinger

2. “A Process and Outcome Evaluation of the Easter Seals Intensive In-Home Treatment Program,” by Chelsea Godbout, Max Shafir and Kayleigh Williams

3. “Community Needs Assessment of Older Adults in Mecklenburg County,” by Elyse Hamilton-Childres (Scientific Rigor Award Winner)

4. “OCRCC Helpline Client Satisfaction Survey,” by Theresa Bayless, Karon Johnson and Heather Todd

5. “An Evaluation of Effectiveness in Head Start Classrooms,” by Monica Ferenz, Emily Landeck, Emily McClimon and Michelle Ropero-Cartier

6. “Substance Abuse Relapse Prevention Group Attendance: A Case Exploration,” by Dolores Chandler, Marie Funk, Lindsay Lassiter, Allison Norman and Mark Smith

7. “Outcome Evaluation of Thinking For a Change Program on Cognitive Changes,” by Kristin Bure, Elizabeth Cobb, Avery Lee, Kelly Lence and Oprah Keys

8. “Cost-effectiveness of Homestead Place Group Home,” by Justin Allen, Jenny Gadd, Katherine McCarthy, Rex Mercer and Cory Morgan (Social Work Impact Award Winner)

9. “An Outcome Evaluation for the Board of Directors of The Center for Volunteer Caregiving’s Caregiver Academy,” by Aimee Davis, Mackenzie Schneider and Teresa Beck

10. “Access to Healthcare Services for Migrant Farmworkers in North Carolina: 2013 Statewide Needs Assessment,” by Caitlin Bearden, Sara Cobb, Adrianna Freiberger and Brittany Hunt

11. “A Mental Health Needs Assessment of the Refugee Population in Durham and Orange Counties, North Carolina,” by Albert Thrower, Erin Bergstrom, Yalitza Ramos, Ariel Reynolds and Mark Williams

12. “Smoking Cessation: The Effects of Confidence and Home Environment on Quit Rates,” by Jillian Harris, Rachel Smith, Laura Wenzel and Hannah Pittman

13. “A Retrospective Evaluation of a Token Economy System in an In-Patient Geriatric Psychiatric Facility,” by Rosie Benzonelli, Whitney Sewell, Karen Oelschlaeger and Brittany Little