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Reeves family gives additional $250,000 to doctoral program

An annual donation to the UNC School of Social Work is helping to attract and retain top graduate students.

Over the last five years, Sam and Betsy Reeves of Fresno Beach, California, have contributed over $1 million to the University to support social work doctoral students.

The doctoral program admits between four and six new students annually and has a total enrollment of about 35. In previous years, it was challenging to recruit the top applicants because UNC was not able to guarantee them continued financial support. The ability to offer multi-year funding at a competitive level significantly enhances UNC’s program.

This year’s gift enables the School of Social Work to offer four doctoral students two years of financial support. The fellowships cover the cost of in-state tuition, health insurance and a nine-month academic stipend. Faculty grants will help fund years three and four. In exchange, students assist with teaching and research, and develop their related skills in these activities.

A 1956 alumnus of Carolina, Reeves is the owner of Pinnacle Trading in Fresno. In 2007, the couple donated $1 million to the UNC School of Social Work to establish the Sandra Reeves Spears and John B. Turner Distinguished Professorship and the Armfield-Reeves Innovations Fund.